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Most welcomed 3D-printed Zakka of September!



Printed by @jet_prints with esun white PLA


  Our old friend @Jet_prints just printed a @tiffanyandcobox using esun white PLA on N2, which took over 14 hours to complete! As one of the most-welcomed jewelry brand worldwide, it's like the best gift for every woman!

Printed by @THEJATMN with esun green and brown PETG filament.



  And for Nintendo lovers, this Mario themed container is the best one, isn't it? The green question mark box is like one of the symbols for Super Mario and Nintendo games. Can you not put it on your desktop to get a good mood?

  And with PETG filaments, this container is much wear-resistant with quite stable quality.  


Printed by @akshayphadtare from Instagram, with esun white PLA




  This is a pencil container printed by our Indian friend @akshayphadtare in Instagram. His prints are mostly based on our filaments, and this one is like the best and most useful container for students.



Printed with yellow and orange esun PLA



  These are 2 more prints by @akshayphadtare. For someone who always loses things, a hook at home is just a problem solver, to help to take care of your keys, T-shirts and so on.  It's easy to print and easy to install on your wall or doors.


Printed with esun Pink PLA+ by @niroGttocS from Twitter



  Last but not least is a pink brush container printed by @niroGttocS. It's a great decoration and you can put any brush of yours in it for next use. Girls may find it like the best cosmetic brush container!