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RadTech China 2017


Abstract: At present, the world's environmental legislation is gradually strengthened. Radiation curing is a new energy-saving, environmentally friendly technology, and its technology research, development, application and market development is changing with each passing day. In China, the consumption of radiation curing has long been the first in Asia.


  On September 13th, the new iPhone is released. At the same time, the three-day Radtech China 2017 is held in Yantai, Shangdong. We attend this 18th exhibition to see the development and future of radiation curing technology in China.   



  The four-day conference, with more than 400 attendees, shows that in the current energy-saving, emission reduction, environmental situation, green technology is getting more and more attention.

At the same time, radiation curing technology training course will also be held. The number of applicants for the training exceeded the expected number, and teachers are from the industry or universities.



  International radiation curing organizations, well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad and business representatives are invited the to the conference, to  publish the relevant industry policy, front and dynamic of radiation curing technology development, application progress, market conditions, trends and other keynote speech. Winners are awarded with  certificates of honour and trophies.

Our colleague Maki shares his opinion on site: "With fast curing speed, high production efficiency, good mechanical physical properties, radiation curing technology is known as the environment-friendly green technology. Currently, the global production and sales of such materials are made through the merger and reorganization of enterprises to a new round of industry structural adjustment and technology upgrades, so the resources around the world are being properly configured and continuously optimized.

It's both learning opportunities and challenge to Chinese market! We will also keep up with the pace of this new upsurge, to develop environmentally friendly green materials and technology. "



  As the international leading 3D filaments brand, eSUN never stops the development of environmentally friendly green materials and technology. After years of efforts of all the members, we actively create our own green biological materials brand system.


On the one hand our product based on lactic acid, polyols, polymers, 3D filaments and other various products are forming a unique "green +" framework, and also to fill the blank of domestic biological material.


  On the other hand we adhere to the "differentiated positioning, open innovation" business philosophy, closely follow marketing needs, focus on special market segments, serve mid-to-high end customers and actively lead the market demand, to combine social responsibility with business development . 

These are all information about RadTech China 2017. See you on the next exhibition!