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eSUN ePA-GF glass fiber reinforced nylon filament


Abstract: Nylon is a generic designation for a family of synthetic polymers, and the first commercially successful synthetic thermoplastic polymer. 

Nylon polymers have found significant commercial applications in fabric and fibers (apparel, flooring and rubber reinforcement), in shapes (molded parts for cars, electrical equipment, etc.), and in films (mostly for food packaging).


  To meet the needs of commercial manufacture, nylon is much improved in strength, heat resistance and cold endurance. Years ago eSUN has developed two nylon filaments— ePA and ePA-CF. Compared to normal filaments, ePA is highly fire-resistant; and to keep this feature we upgraded ePA to be ePA-CF, a green carbon fiber reinforced nylon filament with 20% of carbon fiber.  


This time we adopt short glass fiber and create a new nylon filament—ePA-GF—glass fiber reinforced nylon filament.


About ePA-GF

1. ePA-GF is a beige translucent filament;

2. As a intermediate loading glass fiber reinforced nylon, it's much improved in mechanical strength, rigidity, modulus, etc comparing to pure nylon filament;

3. Improved creep resistance, fatigue resistance, heat resistance and the distortion temperature can be 120℃. It has excellent print performance, which print smoothly with no edge warping;

4. Smooth, fine surface and no outside leakage of glass fiber, which avoid the harm of touch;

5. The glass fiber decreases the shrinking percentage compared to pure nylon, so big prints are less likely to shrink and deform.


Performance Indicators


Testing method




ASTM D 792



Melt index(220℃/10kg)

ASTM D 1238



Tensile strength

ASTM D 638



Elongation at break

ASTM D 638



Bending strength

ASTM D 790



Bending modulus

ASTM D 790



Izod Notch impact strength

ASTM D 256



Distortion temperature(0.46Mpa)

ASTM D 648



Printing parameters

1. Best print temperature: 240-260℃

2. Bed temperature: 60-90℃

3. Feed rate: 30-90mm/s

4. Idling speed: 90-150mm/s


Printing notices

1. Suitable for all kinds of FDM 3D printer. It's suggested to print with hardened steel nozzle because ePA-GF will wear down brass and aluminum nozzles;

2. Works with different print surface like 3M tape, Kapton tape, glass, etc;

3. Keep an optimum distance between nozzle and plate. The best distance is 0.2-0.3mm; ePA-GF may unable to print smoothly with distance less than 0.2mm;

4. A lower filling rate can remit shrinkage crack during printing process;

5. Better keep cooling fan off when printing and print in a closed area. Putting flapper around printer helps to keep constant temperature environment;

6. It's suggested to polish the print after to remove a few outside leakage of fiber on surface. 

PS: The filament is fully dried before vacuum packaging. You can reserve in ziplock bag with desiccant or dry 3-4 hours in 80℃ oven to ensure the best print effect. 


Application area

ePA-GF is perfect to produce gear, bearings, air wing, pump, bicycle parts, automobile parts, fishing gear and other heat-resistant structural plastic parts for aerospace, automobile, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering.