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A Glance at DME 2017


  The 5th Shanghai International Intelligent Manufacture Exhibition was held last week from Aug 19th-21th. It’s a feast for professionals of Digital medical and 3d printing industry


  This exhibition is themed on 3D printing, digital medical and intelligent equipment. DME 2017 aims to build a professional and cooperative platform for them to show the development trend and business model innovation of China's 3D printing, digital medical manufacturing enterprises.


  According to Chinese Dr. Dai Kerong, "3D printing applications and medicine are just the beginning. We must be careful about it, not every printed object can be installed in human body. 3D printing is bringing great change in medical.”

  This exhibition has eight display areas, covering the 3D printer, three-dimensional scanning and software, 3D printing materials and services, trying to create a full 3D printing industry chain model with products, services, application for buyers.


  In addition, as the highlight of the DME2017 - over sixteen forums are held at the same time; the topics are closely linked to the current domestic and international 3D printing, digital medical industry trends.


  Dr. Dai also says, “ 3D printing has made customizing possible. Applying 3D technology in medical helps surgeons to better understand human structure, to improve the design of surgical programs, optimize surgical process selection, and improve the accuracy of surgery to reduce the suffering of patients.


The exhibition shows a rapid development of digital medical and 3D printing

  Among them, the combination of digital medicine and clinical medicine has been widely used in disease diagnosis, treatment, testing and preoperative planning; it also comes gradually to the personalized implant, the design and construction of

3D printing cells, tissues and organs.

  The rapidity, accuracy, design and characterization of 3D printing intelligent technology make it a wide range of applications in the medical field.




  On DME2017, our CEO Mr.Yang came to share his opinions on 3D printing with our customers. We even brought our latest product—3D insoles. The insoles is 3d-printed and provides orthopedic treatment.


  We have started the research and development of 3D printing materials since 2007 and has a full line of PLA, ABS, PVA, PC, HIPS, Nylon and conductive filaments.  Strategically, we hopes to contribute to the application of 3D printing in medical too!