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The best Valentine gift for the best lover!


  August 28th of 2017 is Chinese Valentine’s day, the Double Seventh Festival refers to the seventh night of the seventh lunar month. It is a traditional folk festival of the Han people. This night is not only the time when the legendary Cowherd and the Girl Weaver are supposed to have their annual meeting, but also a good opportunity for women to pray for the Girl Weaver for the purpose of seeking dexterity. 

   On this day, we present you some of the best gifts so you can give the best gifts to your lovers! The first one is a “geared heart”. It’s a well-known models that needs 3 rotations to get it back in heart shape. This one is printed with eSUN blue PLA+ filament.




  This is the perfect gift to show your love! A custom camera-shaped USB photo frame which you can use as a tool and also a decoration.


  It’s printed by one of our customers with white, black and red PLA filament. You can print one of your favorite photos and give it to your lover. Isn’t that romantic?




  The last one is a 3d photo printed by one of our Chinese customer. The faces can be shown under light, the perfection combination of technology and life, for you to memorize every little bit of your life. Except for a Valentine gift, I believe your families and friends will also be happy to receive a gift like this.

  At last, we hope you enjoy the amazing prints and wish you a happy Chinese Valentine’s day!