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Product upgrading, eSUN releases four brand new 3D filaments!



In recent years, with the rapid development of 3D printing industry, 3D printing materials have begun to attract much attention. This technology is being applied to more and more industries, but the present 3D printing materials can't meet every need of custom printing. In this circumstance, 3D printing industry starts to focus more on the extensive application and green of printing materials.



Closely following marketing needs and technological progress, Shenzhen eSUN industrial co., Ltd, led by differential positioning and open innovation idea, aims to be the world leading 3D filaments manufacturer and put much effort in the innovation of products.



eSUN Releases Four New 3D filaments

Innovation is a continuous task for manufacturers. To provide our customer with better 3D printing filaments for custom printing needs, esun team managed to research and develops four brand new filaments for consumer-grade market.


eASA—modified resin filament

Much like ABS in structure, eASA is an impact modified resin composed of acrylonitrile, styrene and acrylic rubber. It has excellent mechanical physical property used as engineering plastics with outstanding weather resistance, high temperature resistance and anti-UV performance. At the same time it works as an anti-static material that helps to gather less dust on surface. 


ePA-GF— glass fiber reinforced nylon filament

  ePA-GF is made of short glass fiber reinforced nylon. It is much improved in mechanical strength, rigidity, heat resistance, creep resistance and fatigue resistance compared to traditional pure nylon filaments. The decrease in mold shrinking percentage and moisture absorption give it excellent print performance.

eSmooth—alcohol polishing castable filament

  eSmooth is a filament based on modified alcohol-soluble composites. It fits the requirements to FDM printer and has great polishing effects. The environment friendly eSmooth has stable performance, which demonstrates more delicate and brighter looking after polishing. One impressive feature is the filament can be used for metal casting, because it will resolve completely and won't carbonize even with 600℃ heat.     



eBamboo—bamboo filament

  eBamboo is a kind of wood plastic composites; it's composited with polymer resin matrix. The main component is preprocessed plant fiber or powder. eBamboo has wood texture and aroma. It's renewable, pest control, long life, very green and can be sprayed.




As we all know, to create a successful 3D printing material is not easy, which needs a lot of manpower, material resources and financial support. If we only focus on short-term interests, it is impossible to sustain the operation of company or help the development of 3D industry.

Needless to say, the strength of the enterprise is also necessary. eSUN has fifteen years experience in the industrialization of environment-friendly materials; its long-term insistent policy in green theme, diversified development and global policy has laid a good foundation for eSUN to create a global brand of 3D printing filaments.



In this competitive industry, eSUN always adhere to the "craftsman" faith, to maintain "environmental" responsibility and create brand new 3D printing filaments for different types of 3D printing technology.