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People are Crazy for this 2.94 Million Leather Product!







  This summer in fashion industry, a limited version of Birkin by Hermes, with only 3 available globally, was sold HK$ 2.94 Million in Hong Kong.

You may think that the unbelievable price is due to the diamonds and platinum on this crocodile bag, but the truth is the skin of the Nile crocodile is the real treasure.  

  The perfect shape and craftmanship attracts every rich man. For a world-class luxury manufacturer, the best leather is the most important quality of their product.

   Leather is one of the key elements in fashion and is being applied to other industry in these few years!

Leather Bike


  These are bikes combined with leather. You can see a“cold”feeling metal bike is suddenly given a vintage style. It's brand new from handle to bike seat and decorations; no one can resist a bike that's so comfortable and durable!  


   Every biker on leather bike is demonstrating their love for life and pursuit of freedom!

Leather animal footstool

  Back in 1927, a man named Old Bill, who made hand-made pigskin custom suitcase in London created a pig shaped footstool with extra leather from work.



  The unique shape and leather feel made this footstool a best-seller. Afterwards Mr. and Mrs. Omersa took over the business and developed footstools with various animal shapes. Till now it has become a worldwide business and is much welcomed.


  The history of leather is a long one there is an annual exhibition on leather in China. This year, All China Leather Exhibition will be held in August 30th to September 1st in Shanghai New International Expo Centre in Pudong, Shanghai.


  With the experience of a decade, it has rich variety of exhibits and covers many industries. Held every year in September, it's the biggest, most powerful, most influential and most participated professional exhibition in China.


  As a creative 3D filaments manufacturer serving mid-to-high end customers and closely follow marketing needs, eSUN awaits you in Shanghai in All China Leather Exhibition!



Name: 2017 All China Leather Exhibition

Time: 2017 August 30th to September 1st

Place: Shanghai New International Expo Centre (No.2345 Longyang road, Pudong, Shanghai)

Booth:  No. E5A3g