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AMCC 2017: The future development of 3D printing standard system



  3d printing industry has gone through more than 30 years development from now. The more and more powerful research technology is promoting the development of science and technology in many industries. However, without technical standards, the industry level is unbalanced and the market is rather chaotic. So the entire 3D printing industry has a strong demand on standard.


  On July 29th, development of ecosystem & standard system of additive manufacturing forum was open in Hangzhou International Expo Center, for professionals to discuss the future development of 3D printing.



  A number of industry experts and business representatives express their views on 3D printing, which bring us a fantastic "Summit Forum".



  In the past 17 years, eSUN has focused on the industrialization of environmentally friendly materials, taken on the mission of social progress, and engaged in the research and management of biological materials and green solvent production. It is a national strategic emerging industry new materials project commitment units


  In a very long time, FDM 3D printing technology will be the mainstream of consumer grade 3D printing market, and also the leading role in some industrial-grade 3D printing market that needs composite polymer materials and functional materials. In the consumer grade 3D printing market, PLA has been and will continue to be a mainstream supply.


  eSUN has a rich experience in producing PLA. In 2013, we have put forward a standard application for PLA 3D printing filaments to the National Standards Committee. The project was approved in 2015 and the first draft seminar was held in Beijing in 2016. This year, eSUN has made an offer for public review.




  At the present, eSUN is trying to promote the standardization for 3D printing filaments. Mr.Yang pointed out that an industry can only develop healthily under the constraints of a unified standard; otherwise the unbalanced level will cause confusion in the industry market and hinder the development of it.


The meeting was packed, and all participants resonate with of the wonderful speeches. Lots of experts give a high degree of recognition on the additive manufacturing standard system forum.


Time adds up to experience, quality maintains the trust of customers, and science builds a better future.

eSUN will take this opportunity to actively promote the establishment of 3D printing industry standards, detecting system and certification system. We are more than happy to take responsibility to become the key practitioner of 3D printing industry standard.