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The “hottest” summer in eSUN



Summer has come, and the days become even more splendid with it. In all of these splendid days, our life is surrounded by amazing people, who create unique things and live an ordinary life to the fullest. In eSUN, we have a cute couple, Giuseppe Digilio and Adele Natale.



Giuseppe Digilio, graduated from University of Amedeo Avogadro, is a famous biomedical maker. He has committed to the research and development of combination of 3D printing and medical. He has cooperated with the International Medical Interpreters Association to develop the 3D design manipulator, and is developing a new system which can print corrective insoles.


  We meet Giuseppe Digilio, Zhu (what we usual calls him) in a German Medica exhibition last year. His attractive appearance and passionate for 3D printing attracts us. Our CEO Mr.Yang is impressed by his wish to make great contributions in biomedical innovation.


  Though born a thousand li apart, souls which are one shall meet. As a leading international 3D printing company in China, we welcome the visit of every maker abroad and domestic!

  As two famous maker in 3D printing industry who come to China for the first time, we are honored to work with them from February and have them involved in our Maker Space project.  


They work passionately for four months in China and take a positive part in our Maker Space project. Giuseppe is mainly responsible for the development of corrective insoles 3D printing system and 3D design manipulator. His work is greatly recognized by everyone.  

  During work in the exhibition, they helps eSUN to attract many international makers with their charm.



  In spare time, we always have a cup of tea together and communicate with each other. New ideas are always come up with in this way. They're always willing to help people. Recently we make a video together on our latest version of 3D printing pen and upload to youtube and twitter, which has gained much attention overseas.  


  Apart from work, their enthusiasm about life also influence us. The memory about having dinner and riding bikes together, all the parties and mountain climbing are cherished moments in our heart.


  Giuseppe says, “ This experience in China is really amazing. I'm so happy to make so many friends in eSUN and learn so much from you. Thanks very much for this opportunity you give us. eSUN is like a second family for us!”

  eSUN also wants to thank Giuseppe and Adele for your hard-work during this time. Your passionate attitude in work and life have really influenced us! We'll always welcome you to come back to this family!



  eSUN Maker Space is an international maker station which has gathered many 3D printing lovers worldwide. Meetings are always held for works sharing. No matter how old are you and which country are you in, eSUN always welcome your visit!