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Inside 3D Printing in Sao Paulo, Brazil



In Sao Paulo, Brazil, June 5th-6th, the incredible Inside 3D Printing was held. eSUN took part in this grand exhibition with enthusiasm!


Although this exhibition has been held for many years, it gets more and more professional every year. And 90% of the audiences are professionals, which is a great recognition of exhibitors.


You can see eSUN takes the “black and time”theme. Every representative wear suits, including Simon from our company, the second one from the right, with a big smile and high spirits.


It's a photo of many handsome exhibitors from different countries. Let's another photo of our Brazilian agents.


 Simon says, “They are very enthusiastic in work, just like other Brazilians. From their talking and behavior you can feel the zeal, strong sense of responsibility and serious attitude they have for this job!

It's an honor to cooperate with them! During the two-day exhibition, what they about the most is how good our product is, and the support we have for them makes them sure that as an international brand, eSUN will be a more global and better.”

Thanks again for their hard work. Let's see what happened in the exhibition.


  This man looks so professional in this stylish skateboard! I really want to its brand!


  It turns out to be an item showed by eSUN! Of course it's printed with 3D printer. I believe 3D printing technology will be applied to every part of our life!


  Everyone likes dragon! This red dragon attracts much attention because it's very alive. I'm so impressed by it and thanks to 3D printing technique!


  This robotic hand is very flexible in every joint! No doubt that robotic arm will be printed with 3D printer in the future!


  These two guardians in the corner guard the exhibition diligently. I'm sure you can't believe that they are also printed! Maybe one can print one yourself and put it at your door?


  eSUN product gains as much attention as before. We started the research and production of 3D printing materials since 2007 and has successfully developed PLA, ABS, PVA, PC, HIPS, ePA, eConductive and other filaments.



  Thanks to our coworkers, the exhibition has come to a perfect end. See you in the next Inside 3D Printing exhibition! Worldwide exhibition, we're always on the way!