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The “hot” ReChina 2017 in Shanghai


After Chinaplas 2017 in Guangzhou, we visits the beloved city——Shanghai.

As the biggest economic center and a highly internationalized city, Shanghai has always been the hub with much attractive force and unlimited opportunities for business and travels.


In May 24th-26th, ReChina was hosted in Shanghai. Hundreds of company from over 50 countries joined the exhibition with more than ten thousands of 3D print lovers' visit.  


  As one of the biggest international exhibitions in the world, ReChina attracts people with its professionalization, internationalization and large scale. This year, ReChina also has a perfect ending and gains recognition from exhibitors and buyers domestic and overseas.


  The exhibitors of this year have great competitive advantage. The product and technology of them much conform to market needs. In this exhibition, they show their profession and good buying power. Many participants from international big company are people in charge.  


  Some foreigners say,”We come to ReChina to look for the best and latest resources and import large amount of products to sale in our country. eSUn focus on environment-friendly material, which is exactly what we need for the moment.  It also has certain influence worldwide, I believe through this opportunity we can know better about each other and build a good cooperative relationship.”


  ReChina exhibits many improved technology and innovation. eSUN has gained much experience from it, and also launches our latest product——isun3d LTP4.0  3D printing pen.


It's upgraded in security, convenience, usability and auxiliary product, with five colors for you to choose. The new version has reliable quality!


  Except for that, the subsidiary corporation isun3d exhibits mix printer Builder, educational use 3D printer isun 3Dwox, to show the charm of 3D printer on site.


Every technological innovation is the way to better life,

Every exhibition brings one more surprise to the world!

It's the new direction for technology and future for environment.
Worldwide exhibition, we are on the way!