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The latest plastic and rubber at CHINAPLAS 2017


The 31th International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber industry on May 16-19th has come to a  perfect end.

Let's see what has happened on it!  

As Asia's biggest and world's second biggest plastic and rubber exhibition, CHINAPLAS is a place for business and technology exchange, and also where professionals get inspired. All kinds of high intelligent automatic production equipment and system, industrial robot, high performance plastic, advanced composite, plastic recycling and other consulting, complete solutions, newly-invented plastic and rubbers are exhibited here.        



eSUN (Shenzhen Esun Industrial Co.,Ltd) specializes in green production and the industrialization of environment friendly materials.

As a famous international 3D printing filaments exhibitor, we focus on the topic of green and demonstrate our culture and production to the world.  


Customers come to our booth constantly. Focusing on the green topic, eSUN uses green for decoration to match with the idea of exhibition and conveys our environment friendly concept.


Thanks to the enthusiasm and hard work of our staff, the four-day exhibition has come to a perfect end. All praise and trust from our customers based on your efforts!


guidance of Shenzhen Polymer Industry Association, we communicate a lot on technology.

Mr. Mai says, "The global consumption growth of plastic benefit from the innovation of all kinds of plastic. The 21st century is the time for bio-economy, biological material like PLA can solve the problem of oil crisis, environmental pollution, and achieve sustainability. I'm glad to see the achievements eSUN has gained. The constant market-developing is the necessary way forward for eSUN. "


Some participants have a good time by painting with our isun3d LTP4.0 3D printing pen. It takes them less than an hour to finish an excellent work! 

We send our beautiful staff for this international exhibition. Here is a picture she takes with two foreign customers. Thanks to the endless fun you give us! It's the recognition you have for eSUN!

Every technological innovation is the way to better life,

Every exhibition brings one more surprise to the world!

It's the new direction for technology and future for environment.
Worldwide exhibition, we are on the way!