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The fantastic “NORDIC 3D EXPO”



On a fine day in May

A breeze travels through the wilderness, through the heavy sea

to Finland and spreads a secret.

eSUN's European tour of 2017

this time we comes to Finland——NORDIC 3D EXPO

Still striving for the revolution of 3D printing!

This time our knowledgeable Dr. Rongsheng Zhang and handsome supervisor Henry Wang represented eSUN on Northern Europe 3D exhibition——NORDIC 3D EXPO.


On the very first exhibition in 2016, NORDIC 3D EXPO has won much attention worldwide, many print lover from Scandinavian Peninsula participated in it.

This year the participants decreases a little, but it doesn't influence its impact in industry. Most participants are 3D technology company, students of 3D industry and amateurs.  



First of all, let's see this black-white vintage and stylish bicycle made by ideas2cycles.


It may just look like a cool bicycle, but it's really about the application of 3D printing technique. Different from the traditional trusswork, ideas2cycles uses carbon fiber material to print a part of parts with their printer. The stability and fineness is quite amazing. eSUN's carbon fiber material will be tested for the printing of new version of bicycle soon!


The two dashing printers shines from miles away. They're the products of our partner XYZ and 3D Print Scandinavia, the seller of printer and filaments. The new Pro Junior by XYZ is a close partner with eSUN filament. Company with products like this must have stylish staff too.


  One with masculine whiskers and a flower brooch, one with elegant black-framed glasses and white handkerchief, the two are really gentleman-like.   


Apart from earphone, BQ also produces printer. This €600 printer made by BQ is released recently as the first 3D printer that runs on Android operating system.  “Witbox Go!”can be operated directly with phone, to monitor and even through remote manipulation. It's a good news for 3D printing lovers!


3D printing pens are always welcomed by children. These girls learned to use it with guidance. Maybe next time you can try iSUN3D LTP 4.0, it's safe and beautiful as well!  


  Our iSUN3D LTP 4.0 3D printing pen is popular as usual. With the establishment of European warehouse, we're able to provide better warehouse logistics service and faster delivery service. Many exhibitors are interested in long-term cooperation.


As the only eastern exhibitor, professor JUKKA TUOMI, president of FIRPA, carefully introduces the 3D print industrial distribution in Finland. A world-class paper mill has turned to 3D printing industry too! As the most prestigious person in Finland 3D printing industry, he hopes to cooperate closely with China, and is excited to see Chinese firms in NORDIC 3D EXPO in Finland next year!    


In this exhibition, eSUN has gained many experience and advice from professionals and creative makers.  

Thanks again for your attention and trust, worldwide exhibition, we're on the way.