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【eSUN global exhibition】A glimpse of Sao Paulo



At the other side of earth,

there's a city almost 10 hours later than Beijing time.

When we're at night they're still at daytime.

It's bustling city,

with colonial building quite different from Oriental civilization,

and Gothic-Renaissance style cathedral.

The mainstream of culture life is a passionate sport ......

These are all unique charms of Sao Paulo, the biggest city in Brazil.

Sports——Brazilian football

  Football is the mainstream of Brazilian life. It's more of a culture than a sports.

  There is a seasoned football club in Sao Paulo established in 1930, who has won South American copa libertadores for 3 times and world champion for three times too. It's the best record in Brazil and world champion Kaká was once a member of this team.


If you ever visit Sao Paulo, you should play football with Brazilian!

Place of interest——St. Paul's cathedral

Maybe you can play a little football in front of the famous St. Paul's cathedral and enjoy the wonderful view of this 1960s' building, to find out the beauty that enchants the whole world!


Once an accident destroyed it. After the fire, although the cathedral has returned to its former glory, it still seems to be covered by a hint of smoke.

Now the cathedral stands with two lines of coconut trees in the front and blue sky, white clouds as a background, nobody can refuse such a serene and solemn view.


Food ——Mercadão

  There is a huge market next to St. Paul's cathedral. Here, you can find a wide range of seafood, meat, flavor and cheese ,etc.


Having lunch at the biggest fruit market——MERCADO MUNICIPAL is the perfect way to have a rest. There are Gothic buildings as far as eye can reach, each one is full of aristocratic tastes.


exhibition——Inside 3D Printing

Inside 3D Printing Conference&Expo is coming! This two-day expo is going to exhibit the beauty of 3D printing technology to the world.                                                                                     


The last Inside 3D Printing exhibited on medical, car, mould, aerospace, cultural creative products, shoes and other application industry. It gained much attention and the recognition in profession. Many excellent works exhibited impressed the audience.    


What surprise will Sao Paulo brings us?

Let's look forward to the Sao Paulo Inside 3D Printing Conference&Expo on June 5th-6th!

Exhibition: Inside 3D Printing(Sao Paulo)

Time: June 5th-6th,2017

Exhibition Hall: Frei Caneca Convention Center, in Sao Paulo

Booth: No.33   two sides booth