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Never miss“IDTechEx Show”in Berlin!



#eSUN in global exhibitions# This is the third exhibition that eSUN participates in May——IDTechEx 3D Printing Europe, Berlin.

Esun sends Dr. Rongsheng Zhang and Europe sales supervisor Henry Wang to participate in this exhibition with a learning attitude.


Different from Shanghai Educational Exhibition and "RAPID + TCT”in Pittsburgh, this one concentrates many 3D technologies like PCB, chip printing, wearable technology, the preparation and application of graphene.The main purpose of IDTechEx 3D Printing Europe 2017 is to change the wrong impression about 3D printing technology and to discuss current situation and future possibility of 3D printing.


Let us see how splendid the exhibition is together!

Cubibot specially engages in small-sized 3D printer, the white printer below is used to print all kinds of things small-sized. It's beautiful and stylish, no doubt that Cubibot must pay much attention to appearance!

By the way, e SUN also lay much emphasis on products' appearance.


What's more, German research institution Fraunhofer has brought the new silk sensor to make wearable electronic device that supervises our health and other functional wearable device.



This simple-looking T-shirt is not simple at all! It can supervise women' health and even ovulation situation, which is very amazing!


The research team from Exeter studies out a wearable energy collector that can transfer part of your walking energy to electric energy storage. The advantage of low weight, low resistance and comfortable makes it perfect as a wearable power-supplying device, like the super cool artificial limb in the picture.   


Check out this wonderful car! It has spontaneous electrical power generating system, although theoretically it works with a great amount of solar energy, which sounds very expensive. Even Henry looks more well off next to the car!


The exhibition is more attractive with these handsome guys!


Thanks to the support from GmbH of All3DP, looking forward to a pleasant cooperation in the future!


According to Dr. Zhang, this exhibition is not free because it's highly professional. Participants can communicates deeply about cooperation, consults on new technology and enjoy delicious German lunch and beverage for free. He gets to learn more about many new filed combined with 3D printing and new technology results, based on the enthusiastic communication of all attendees. PerpetuusCarbon from Britain, Graphene-tech from Spain, Solvay from Italy and Standard Graphene from Korea all demonstrates the profession of their field of expertise. It's hard to ignore the thriving of modern technology and the wide scope that 3D printing industry covers. The prospect of 3D printing industry is immeasurable.    


Thanks to Dr. Rongsheng Zhang and Henrt Wang for their sharing about Berlin exhibition. Thanks to your trust and attention for eSUN.

We are always on the way for global exhibition!  

See you soon on CHINAPLA2017!