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eSUN Has Another New "Overseas Express"



In today's era of rapid development, information makes the diversification of the world more possible. Many may regard supplier, storage, customs clearance, logistics and channel as a tough way to exploit.

But when we're trying to export made-in-China goods, perhaps it's a smarter way to build warehouse overseas!

Something huge happened in Rotterdam, Holland--the biggest harbor in Europe!

"Today, eSun warehouse in Europe is officially set up! " Henry Wang, the Europe region sales executive from Shenzhen Esun Industrial Co., Ltd announced proudly.


In the past 15 years, Shenzhen Esun Industrial Co., Ltd has dedicated to the industrialization of environment friendly materials. We specialize in the research and development as well as the production and management of biodegradable materials and green solvent.

We created the 3D printing filaments brand "eSun" and engaged in the research of 3D printing materials since 2007. It has become a world-wide famous 3D printing filaments manufacturer. Now eSun's shipment is the first in China and its products are sold to over 100 countries.


After the establishment of a branch office in America, the second overseas warehouse of eSun in Rotterdam, Holland is officially open. This progress shows our continuous innovation globally and our efforts in providing the best service for our clients.


"After the establishment of European warehouse, we can provide better storage and other logistics services for European clients, and hoping to offer more convenient service. While building a win-win cooperation relationship, eSun and our clients can grow up together." says Henry.

Because of this idea, eSun is able to provide worldwide clients the most personalized 3D printing materials and technical support service.

"Maybe we are not the biggest, but we are surely quite professional. After all these years, we've won a good reputation, thanks to our market-oriented and result-oriented insistence."


The official establishment of European warehouse also means a further step in global 3D printing industry for eSun. In the future, Shenzhen Esun Industrial Co., Ltd will set up European branch office, bring in more international talents and accelerate globalization strategy. This is the aim that eSun insist, to provide more convenient service for Europe and global clients.