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Polycarbonate glycol

Product name:Polycarbonate glycol

Product name(cn): 聚碳酸酯二元醇


Introduce: In order Small molecule diol for starting agent,the polycarbonate glycol is synthesised from dimethyl carbonate or diphenyl carbonate.

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Polyurethane Elastomer:

1.It is used to make rubber roller, tires and rubber wheel with excellent mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, oil resistance and compression resistance etc.It also has a hardness range , it can keep the high elasticity under high hardness.

2.Because of its excellent biocompatibility ,It can be used in the field of medical rubber hose, artificial heart diaphragm and capsule  materials, polyurethane elastic bandage material, etc.

3.It also can be used to make elastomer film material which used in the patient's fever cold ice packs,condoms, etc.


New type of coating :

1.Used in oil, natural gas pipeline anticorrosion coating.

2.Used in UV coating, with its excellent flexibility, adhesion, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance.

3.Used to produce new type of polyurethane powder coating: the first, sealing its end side,then crosslinking curing with containing hydroxyl polyester or acrylic resin,making the preparation of polyurethane powder coating which can be 100% film-forming, low energy consumption, pollution-free, belong to energy-efficient coatings.


High performance adhesive :

1.The adhesive have the advantages of high bond strength, high impact strength, oil resistance and resistance to low temperature etc.

2.The adhesive have the characteristics of widely tonality, high initial adhesion strength, high peel strength, people can use it to produce high strength rigid glue layer, also can use it to produce a high strength and soft glue layer which can accommodate larger displacement.