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General Grade Biodegradable Injection Material eSunBio3025C

Product name:General Grade Biodegradable Injection Material eSunBio3025C

Product name(cn): 通用级生物降解注塑料eSunBio3025C

Brief: PLA

Introduce: General grade injection biodegradable material has excellent fluidity and toughness,good molding performance, can adapt to various molding methods such as injection molding

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The General Grade Biodegradable Injection Material eSunBio3025C is mainly used in general injection molding products, can be used in electronic appliances, catering supplies, stationery supplies, daily products, cosmetics, toys, automobiles and other fields.For example, Electronic cigarette shell, keyboard, mouse, mobile phone protective case, electronic clock case, U disk case, calculator case, instrument case, printer case, pen holder, pen holder, ink cartridge, makeup eyebrow pencil, toy parts, hanger and shell, cup, plate, knife, fork, spoon, etc.