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Splint Grade Polycaprolactone

Product name:Splint Grade Polycaprolactone

Product name(cn): 板材级聚己内酯

Brief: Splint Grade Polycaprolactone


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Splint grade polycaprolactone is a semi-crystalline polymer with a granular appearance, milky white, waxy texture, similar mechanical properties to polyolefins,the molecular structure is (C6H10O2) n, it and can be copolymerized and blended with many polymers.It is characterized by low temperature thermoplasticity, crystallinity of about 45%, ultra-low glass transition temperature (Tg= -600c), low melting point (TM=58~60℃), and narrow molecular weight distribution.In the medical field, Splint grade polycaprolactone is made into low-temperature thermoplastic plate, and the raw materials are generally modified by blending, extrusion, casting, coating, perforating, irradiation, cutting and other processes. It is widely used in radiotherapy fixation spint, orthopedic rehabilitation positioningsplint, correction insole, tooth protection and other aspects.