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Film Grade Polycaprolactone

Product name:Film Grade Polycaprolactone

Product name(cn): 薄膜级聚己内酯

Brief: Film Grade Polycaprolactone


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Film-grade polycaprolactone, suitable for PCL film blowing film production process, does not contain other auxiliary materials such as inorganic powder. The main PCL is a semi-crystalline material with excellent toughness and elongation at break not less than 200%. Its mechanical properties are similar to PE/PP and other polyolefin materials. It is a biodegradable material.As an aliphatic polyester, PCL has good compatibility with common biodegradable materials, such as PLA/PBS/PBAT/PVA.Compared with other non-crystalline polymer materials, the gas barrier property of PCL has been greatly improved, and PCL has good low-temperature thermal sealing property. It is expected to be widely used as a thermal sealing functional layer in supermarket shopping bags, environmental packaging materials, protective film substrate and other aspects. Of course, it can also be completely used as a main material.Its low temperature plasticity, melting point of 58-60℃, can maintain the biological activity of the coated material to a certain extent, which can be used for agricultural seed coating, fertilizer release and other fields requiring biological activity.