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Product name:Polylactic acid

Product name(cn): 聚乳酸透明薄膜


Introduce: High transparency,very low haze, good gloss, can clearly show the product appearance, improve the sense of consciousness, reflect high-grade. It is nontoxic, tasteless and meets the food hygiene standard. Biodegradable and and compostable.

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Production decription:

PLA 1402 is a film-grade biodegradable plastic resin based on PLA, which meets the standards of ISO14855, and in accordance with EN 13432 and ASTM D6400.



Application of High Transparency PLA Films

1. Flower packaging, food packaging bags, shopping bags,clothing bags;

2. Disposable raincoat, umbrella packaging;

3. Stationery packaging bags and envelope windows;

4. PLA Film-coated paper packing box;

5. PLA aluminized film.