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Polyl-lactide (PLLA)

Product name:Polyl-lactide (PLLA)

Product name(cn): 医药级聚乳酸



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Polyl-lactide (PLLA) is a biodegradable material.It has good bioabsorbability and biocompatibility.In vivo degradation of poly (l-lactide) can be divided into two stages. First, the lactic acid monomer is hydrolyzed to lactic acid, and then the lactic acid monomer converts lactic acid to pyruvate under the action of lactate dehydrogenase, and then enters mitochondria and is completely oxidized and decomposed to produce carbon dioxide and water.


The products made of poly (l-lactide) have good biocompatibility. After degradation in vivo, the products are metabolized out of the body and have no harm and toxic side effects on the human body.Packaging agents for controlled and sustained release of drugs;Tissue engineering scaffolds, bone fixation and repair materials, microcapsules for injection, microspheres, implants and elastomers for animal organs.