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Fiber Grade PLA

Product name:Fiber Grade PLA

Product name(cn): 生物降解纤维料

Brief: 纤维级聚乳酸(包括聚乳酸短纤维和聚乳酸长丝)


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Category: Polylactic acid

Product Name: Fiber Grade Polylactic Acid

Product Description: Polylactic acid PLA polymer is a thermoplastic fiber grade resin that is a renewable resource. Fiber grade polylactic acid PLA is used in the form of granules which are extruded into mechanically drawn staple fibers using conventional fiber spinning and drawing equipment.

Uses: fiber grade, non-woven fabric, etc.

Processing method: Extrusion grade Please dry before processing.

Keywords: compostable, renewable resources, biodegradable, food contact compliance, good processing performance.

Important parameters: Melt flow rate: 13-17 g/10min Density: 1.24 g/cm3