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Heat-resistant Grade Biodegradable Injection Material eSunBio3464H

Product name:Heat-resistant Grade Biodegradable Injection Material eSunBio3464H

Product name(cn): 耐热级生物降解注塑料 eSunBio3464H

Brief: PLA

Introduce: Heat-resisitant grade injection biodegradable material has high heat resistance and excellent mechanical properties, Good processing performance, wide process range, easy to form, continuous water inlet, fast cooling and setting, easy to demould. Good processing performance, wide processing range, easy for molding, constant outlet, short cooling cycle, rapid mould, easy to demoulding.

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The Heat-resistant Grade Biodegradable Injection Material eSunBio3464H is mainly used in general injection molding methods can be used for heat-resistant tableware, injection molding products, such as: bowl, cup, plate, knife, fork, spoon, etc.