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Sheet Grade PLA

Product name:Sheet Grade PLA

Product name(cn): 生物降解片材料

Brief: 片材级聚乳酸

Introduce: Sheet grade biodegradable material easily process,higher process efficiency, high-yield, can be processed in common PET sheet processing equipment

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Transparent Sheet Application

(1)The transparency of the transparent PLA sheet is high, close to the traditional PET sheet, can be made into a variety of plastic products, easy to observe the product inside the box, beautiful and generous.

(2) Can be made into disposable vegetables, salad boxes, fresh fish trays, etc., security guards, widely used in supermarkets, food stores and so on.

(3) Can be made into disposable transparent cups, juice cups, etc., for home and juice shops.

(4)Can be made into a plastic product packaging blister..



Non-transparent Sheet Application

(1)The opaque sheet has good toughness and can be made into different colors according to customer requirements.

(2)Clothing accessories, such as shirts and collar substrate.

(3)Can be made into electronic product trays.

(4)Used on toughness to demand higher membership card,magnetism card, partly instead of PVC CARDS