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AIREXPO SHANGHAI 2024! Welcome Everyone to Explore the Application of 3D Printing Technology in the Aerospace Field



On May 29 to 31, the 8th Shanghai International Aerospace Technology and Equipment Exhibition will be held at the Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing.

eSUN will showcase a variety of 3D printing engineering materials at booth A071, and we sincerely welcome everyone to visit and exchange ideas!

Aerospace parts typically need to have characteristics such as high strength, low density, high thermal stability, and corrosion resistance. Their design often involves complex structures and shapes, which traditional manufacturing methods find difficult to accommodate simultaneously. As a new productive force, 3D printing technology, when applied to the aerospace field, not only helps improve component performance and overall aircraft performance but also accelerates product development cycles, reduces production costs, and enables more flexible and customized designs.

Innovative Materials, Creative Life! At this exhibition, eSUN will showcase a variety of 3D printing engineering materials, such as the nylon carbon fiber series, ABS series, PEEK, and glassfiber materials, to help achieve more convenient and efficient “prototype manufacturing, tool manufacturing, and final part manufacturing.”


Additionally, based on the company’s proprietary “Polylactic Acid Foaming Method” patent technology, eSUN introduced a lightweight 3D printing material in 2021 suitable for applications in model aviation, cosplay, and other fields—Lightweight PLA (ePLA-LW). This material can have a density as low as 0.54g/cm³; a foaming volume ratio of 220%; and its strength and foaming ratio can be freely adjusted.


3D printing, with its unique features and advantages, offers vast application prospects, with materials playing a crucial role in the process. From May 29 to 31, we welcome everyone to visit eSUN’s booth for further observation and exchange!

About the Exhibition

As a professional brand event in the aerospace field, the AIREXPO SHANGHAI 2024 has been successfully held seven times. The exhibition has attracted thousands of civil aviation, commercial aviation, general aviation, and related enterprises and industry organizations from nearly forty countries and regions worldwide. The successful holding of the exhibition has provided a broad platform for expanding the huge market of China’s aviation manufacturing industry.

Exhibition Date: May 29-31

Exhibition Venue: Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing

eSUN Booth Number: A071