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Birmingham Dental Show | eSUN3D Printing Dental Resin Provides Material Support for Digital Customization Services in the Dental Industry


welcome  to visit the eSUN booth

On May 17-18, the Birmingham Dental Show will take place at the NEC Birmingham National Exhibition Centre.

The Birmingham International Dental Exhibition is the largest and most professional dental exhibition in the UK.

Innovative Materials, Creative Life! eSUN is primarily dedicated to the research and application of 3D printing materials. At this exhibition, eSUN will showcase a variety of 3D printing dental photopolymer resins (Booth D41) to support the digital transformation of the dental industry. Stay tuned!


Introduction to eSUN dental resin

Key Exhibit Introduction

Key Exhibit Introduction

1.CT100 Custom Tray Resin

CT100 is a high-strength dental resin suitable for 3D printing personalized trays. This material has high strength and good toughness and is impact-resistant. The surface accuracy of the finished product is high and requires only simple post-processing. After deep curing, the surface is wear-resistant, and suitable for all impression materials.

2.GM100 Gingiva Mask Resin

GM100 is an elastic gingival resin suitable for 3D printing gingival models. This resin has excellent dimensional stability, elasticity, and tear resistance. The gingival model maintains its elasticity after some time of use, and there is no odor after the printing process, meeting the requirements for printing implant model soft tissues.

3.SG100 Surgical Guide Resin

**SG100 is a high-strength dental resin used for 3D printing implant guides. This resin has high mechanical strength and stability, can undergo steam sterilization experiments, and meets the requirements for guide materials. The models produced are easy to polish, have a low water absorption rate, and the surface quality is excellent, featuring a clear and transparent color that facilitates oral inspection.**

4. WO100 PLA Water Washable Resin

WO100 is a biobased dental resin suitable for 3D printing high-temperature dental models. This resin has low viscosity, ensuring a high success rate of printing. It can be cleaned with water instead of IPA or ethanol. It also has high precision and edge stability, thus meeting the requirements for dental model fabrication.

5.OM100 Ortho Model Resin

OM100 is a biobased dental resin suitable for 3D printing high-temperature dental models. The models produced have a smooth surface and excellent texture. Its high detail resolution and edge stability meet the requirements for dental model production.

6.DC100 Dental Cast Resin

DC100 is a high-precision dental casting resin developed specifically for dental casting. This resin has low viscosity, making it easy to print. It has a low expansion coefficient and leaves no residues when fired. It can meet the needs of metal casting processes for removable frameworks, as well as the casting processes for all ceramic crowns, veneers, and inlays.

7.TC100 Temporary Crown & Bridge Resin

TC100 is a dental-specific resin used for 3D printing temporary teeth, bridges, inlays, and veneers. This material has high molding accuracy and offers excellent edge adaptability. It has excellent mechanical properties, high strength, and is not prone to breaking. It also has a certain degree of wear resistance and a very low water absorption rate, suitable for short-term wear.

8.DM100 Dental Restoration Model Resin

DM100 is special for printing high precision and low shrinkage models, suitable for most 405 nm wavelength LCD/DLP printers. This resin has high molding accuracy and dimensional stability (maintaining over 95% accuracy of dental models within 7 days), making it especially suitable for printing high-requirement dental models, thus achieving higher quality production. The dental model also has excellent surface quality and wear resistance, reducing surface damage caused by trial fittings of dental crowns.

9.PH100 eResin-PLA Pro

This is a biocompatible resin, based on eSUN’s self-produced PLA polyol synthesis, with low odor. The resin has high molding accuracy and high detail fidelity. The printed model has a smooth surface and shallow water ripples, achieving an excellent model texture. This resin is suitable for printing various high-precision figurines and dental models.

Seven of eSUN’s dental-specific resin materials have passed US FDA certification (Class I). Additionally, eSUN’s biobased high-precision resin has also passed biocompatibility testing, making the products low in irritability and safer for both humans and the environment.

FDA Registration Confirmation

Furthermore, eSUN also has a series of dental-specific 3D printing equipment, such as the iSUN LCD dental 3D printer, post-curing equipment for models, etc. Interested friends are welcome to visit our booth to learn more about the product details!

New materials and technologies are bringing creative and breakthrough changes to many industries. With this exhibition as an opportunity, eSUN looks forward to cooperating with upstream and downstream enterprises in the dental industry to jointly promote the industry’s transformation towards digitalization and intelligence, providing a better treatment experience for patients.