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TCT ASIA 2024 | Innovative Material, Creative Life! eSUN’s Exhibition Review


On May 9th, the annual 3D printing event—the 2024 TCT Asia Exhibition, concluded in Shanghai! Over ten years, TCT and upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry have presented multiple feasts of innovation and exploratory spirit. This year was no exception. New and old friends gathered, showcasing the latest technologies, new materials, and new applications, delighting the audience.

Innovative Material, Creative Life! In this exhibition, focusing on the company’s popular or new materials, eSUN showcased the applications of 3D printing technology in various fields. Bringing 3D printing technology into everyday life, eSUN’s 3D printing materials have much to offer!

2024 TCT Asia Booth Map

2024 TCT Asia Show Venue Photos


3D Printing Farm Applications

Moon lamps, radish cutters, retractable swords, Chinese dragons, and dragon eggs have all been popular products at the 3D printing farm, complementing each other and promoting the development of the “farmers’” careers.

2024 TCT 3D printing farm application1

In the 3D printing farm applications, general and aesthetic materials are widely used. Among them, eSUN’s fast series materials, such as ePLA+HS, ePETG+HS, etc., balance printing speed and quality, making them the preferred materials for high-quality output by farmers.

Furthermore, in aesthetic materials, the silk series is notably beautiful! At this exhibition, eSUN focused on displaying the ePLA-Silk Candy series and the ePLA-Silk Rainbow series in the forest, coral, and cosmic colors. New ePLA-Magic and ePLA-Chameleon also made their official debut at the exhibition! The new products have different appearance textures, providing a more diverse selection for users.


2024 TCT 3D printing farm application2aesthetic material


If you have any suggestions about applying 3D printing materials in “farms”, please feel free to contact us!

Applications of 3D Printing in Everyday Home Use

As 3D printing equipment and materials have further improved, the overall quality of 3D printed products has significantly increased compared to the past. Thus, they can be widely used in everyday life. In this exhibition, eSUN displayed 3D-printed eyeglass frames, lighting, speakers, ping pong paddles, and other products. Combined with 3D printing technology, the appearance of the products can achieve more personalized and diverse effects.

2024 TCT 3D printing daily life applications1

2024 TCT 3D printing daily life applications2

2024 TCT 3D printing daily life applications3

Applications of 3D Printing in Cultural and Creative Industries

eSUNs extensive range of 3D printing materials offers vast possibilities for artistic creation. Ninja Turtles, Gundam, peacocks, Chinese dragons, SpongeBob, Patrick Star… With a variety of figurine models, which one do you like best?

2024 TCT 3D printing cultural and creative applications1

2024 TCT 3D printing cultural and creative applications2

2024 TCT 3D printing cultural and creative applications3

3D Intelligent Foot Spine Health System

At the beginning of 2024, iSUN3D, in partnership with German partner Pedcad Foot Technology GmbH, officially released a Sino-German joint foot spine health standardization solution. This solution combines Chinese technological innovation and German operational standards and is based on 3D printing technology. iSUN3D and Pedcad jointly developed an advanced digital production process: customers’ foot data is collected through precise foot scanning equipment, then gait analysis is performed using professional foot pressure equipment and analysis software, and finally, a professional orthotist designs and arranges production. This type of personalized service not only provides each customer with more comfortable and fitting insoles and offers more targeted solutions for those with special medical needs.

2024 TCT 3D Intelligent Foot and Spine Health System1

2024 TCT 3D Intelligent Foot and Spine Health System2

2024 TCT 3D Intelligent Foot and Spine Health System3

During the exhibition, the 3D Intelligent Foot Spine Health System was also a popular check-in point, where attendees could collect data on-site and fully experience the charm of technology and customization.

In addition to the above applications, eSUN also displayed some professional scenario application cases, such as violins printed with ePAHT-CF, skeletal models printed with ePEEK, fighting robot accessories printed with ABS series materials, and applications of dental photosensitive resins.

3D printing professional scene application cases1

3D printing professional scene application cases2

3D printing professional scene application cases3

Of course, at the eSUN booth, there were various materials and application cases, but this year, we also prepared generous benefits for everyone! Print it, Wear it! PLA-customized T-shirts were very popular, and at the same time, many new material samples were given away entirely. Thanks again to all your friends who are visiting. If you are interested in new materials, you can also contact us to learn more about the products.

2024 TCT live lottery


“Building 3D Printing and Additive Thinking” was the theme of this TCT Asia exhibition. As a new force in production, 3D printing technology is changing people’s daily production and life. eSUN will continue to commit to developing and applying 3D printing materials, providing stable material support for creation and production!

2024 TCT Asia Exhibitors Group Photo


The 2025 TCT Asia Exhibition will be held in Shanghai from March 17-19, looking forward to more surprises at the next grand event!

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