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Explore the new era of medical aesthetics! On April 25-26, eSUNMED invites you to meet at the IHMD·2024 International High-end Medical Device Summit


On April 25-26, the IHMD·2024 International High-end Medical Device Summit will be held at the Longemont Shanghai Hotel.

eSUNMED, a biomedical brand created by eSUNMed Biotechnology (Shenzhen)Co., Ltd., is dedicated to the synthesis, modification, and application of biomedical polymers, as well as research on biomedical 3D printing filaments and the development of 3D printing services. At this summit, eSUNMED will make an appearance at booth D22, showcasing hot materials in the medical aesthetics market such as biomedical microspheres. We cordially invite you to join us to witness and discuss the future of the medical aesthetics industry.





Summit Introduction


The IHMD·2024 International High-end Medical Device Summit, themed "Embrace Regulation, Embrace Change," will delve into the latest developments in hot areas of the medical aesthetics industry, including injectable equipment, regenerative materials, and photoelectric technology, as well as market regulatory information such as medical device registration processes and regulatory policies.

The IHMD·International High-end Medical Device Summit is committed to providing attendees with a wealth of knowledge sharing, inviting numerous high-quality guests and scientific research representatives from the industry to focus on various hot topics in the field of medical aesthetics. It aims to showcase emerging medical aesthetics enterprises and innovative projects and to discuss future trends and market changes in the medical aesthetics industry.


Exhibition Information and Product Introduction


In the field of medical aesthetics, traditional cosmetic injection materials are gradually being replaced by safer and better-experienced regenerative injection materials. In the future, biodegradable medical injection microspheres will have a broader development space. At this summit, eSUN Medical Aesthetics will showcase hot materials in the domestic medical aesthetics market such as PLLA microspheres and PCL microspheres.

PLLA microspheres belong to a new generation of medical regenerative materials, with excellent biocompatibility and degradability. They can naturally decompose into carbon dioxide and water within the body and are used for anti-aging in multiple facial areas. PCL microspheres have a wide range of applications in the medical field, including drug delivery devices, sutures or adhesion barriers, tissue engineering scaffolds, controlled drug release, and targeted delivery. In the field of medical aesthetics, products based on PCL can correct signs of facial aging.


eSUNMed has developed a variety of microsphere preparation methods through independent research and development, such as emulsification volatilization, membrane emulsification, and microfluidic control. These methods enable the production of emulsion droplets with controllable sizes and uniform particle sizes. Through studies on droplet solidification processes, we manufacture smooth-surfaced, highly spherical, blank microspheres of PLLA, PCL, PLGA, etc., with controllable D50 within the range of 10-100 μm. Unique size grading processes narrow the particle size distribution, achieving a span value of less than 0.7.


About eSUNMed


eSUNMed's main base covers an area of over 2,000 square meters, including nearly 400 square meters of 100,000-level standard clean workshops and 100 square meters of 10,000-level purification laboratories. The facilities meet the standards for the production of pharmaceutical excipients and sterile medical devices, complying with the GMP factory standards suitable for the biomedical polymer material industry. The company possesses multiple industrialization technologies for polylactic acid and advanced esterification technologies, with complete process experience in areas such as purification of lactide, synthesis of polylactic acid, and synthesis of polycaprolactone.




eSUNMed is dedicated to the development of biomedical materials. In recent years, it has conducted numerous studies, achieved commendable results, and has established in-depth cooperation with many well-known medical enterprises both domestically and internationally.



Spring symbolizes rebirth, and as we embrace the spring breeze of April, let's embrace change. eSUNMed welcomes experts and scholars from the medical aesthetics industry, as well as upstream and downstream enterprises, to visit our booth for exchange, discussion, and consultation on cooperation!