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Congratulations to Xiaogan Esun New Material Co., Ltd. for Being Recognized as a Chinese National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise in 2023!


Recently, China National Intellectual Property Administration announced the list of National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprises for 2023. Xiaogan Esun New Material Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as eSUN) was awarded "National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise" for outstanding strengths.


National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprises

——China National Intellectual Property Administration

The List of National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprises in 2023:

No.15: Xiaogan Esun New Material Co., Ltd.


A "National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise" is an enterprise operating in key development sectors at both national and regional levels. These companies have the capacity to take on major industrial development projects at both national and regional scales. They possess independent intellectual property capabilities, actively participate in the protection and utilization of intellectual property, establish comprehensive systems and mechanisms for intellectual property management, and demonstrate overall strength in the field of intellectual property.


The honor bestowed upon eSUN signifies the authoritative recognition by China for the achievements of eSUN in the creation, application, management, and protection of intellectual property.


Over the past two decades, eSUN has adhered to the business philosophy of "Differentiated Positioning, Open Innovation." We have delved into in-depth research and exploration in the synthesis, modification, application, and recycling of bio-materials. It has continuously focused on key technological breakthroughs, actively promoting the application of environmentally friendly materials in various fields.





As of August 2023, eSUN has applied for over 90 patents and has been granted more than 60 patents, with a predominant focus on invention patents.


In the intense market competition, enterprises can achieve sustained development only through a steadfast commitment to independent innovation and continuous enhancement of overall capabilities. In the future, eSUN will continue to advance our intellectual property efforts and consistently strengthen the company's core competitiveness. By integrating relevant patent technologies, exploring cutting-edge directions, and responding to market demands, eSUN aims to continually build an intellectual property "moat" to facilitate the high-quality development of the company.