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Four keywords, focusing on eSUN.


TCT ASIA 2022 ended last weekend. Due to the epidemic, many visitors failed to visit the site and enjoy the "scenery" of the industry. Here, a brief review of the eSUN 2022 TCT journey can summarize four key words.


1.High Speed



High speed printing is one of the future trends of 3D printing. In this exhibition, eSUN, together with AnkerMake, Bambu Lab and other equipment manufacturers, jointly launched a comprehensive solution for fast printing.

After testing, eSUN ePLA-HF and PLA+ materials have excellent high-speed printing performance, which not only greatly improves the printing speed, but also has high surface quality and good detail performance. In the future, with the optimization and upgrading of printing equipment, eSUN will also continue to optimize the performance of lines in various categories to provide users with a smooth high-speed printing experience.




It is the goal of eSUN to enrich the appearance of 3D printing materials, give users more choices, and help the creativity of 3D printing become a reality.

In this exhibition, in terms of aesthetic materials, in addition to the classic silk series materials, we focused on the newly upgraded ePLA-Matte materials with paper reel, ePLA-Silk Magic, eTwinkling Rainbow, PLA+ in very Peri, ePLA-Metal, etc. They have different appearance features and advantages, and can be used in different scenes.

Rooted in the needs of users, eSUN insists on continuous innovation to improve its product strength. On the one hand, it will provide users with better products and services. In the long run, it will also help improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.





In addition to consumer materials, we also exhibited a variety of industrial 3D printing materials and printing models, such as PEEK, carbon fiber nylon materials, TPU and TPE materials, dental application series resin materials, etc.

The development of professional 3D printing materials will help broaden the application field of 3D printing technology. ESUN will continue to devote itself to the research and development of industrial grade and high-performance materials, and provide users with professional industrial grade material solutions.


4.Environmental Protection



Low carbon environmental protection has gradually become one of the main themes of global economic development. However, with the accelerated development of 3D printing industry, the consumption of 3D printing filaments is increasing. After the use of traditional filaments is completed, a large number of empty plastic wire reels will be produced, which are non degradable and have low reuse rate and occupy the user's storage space.

Therefore, eSUN focused on the paper wire reel solution at this exhibition. Later, the paper wire reel will also be further applied to other categories of eSUN filaments to help reduce plastic waste pollution and resource waste.

High speed, innovation, professionalism and environmental protection can be said to be the four key words of eSUN in this exhibition, which to some extent reflects the development direction and key development strategy of the brand.

It is a pity that this exhibition failed to meet and communicate with more friends offline. If you have any demand, comments or suggestions on our products, please contact us.


At the next stop, eSUN is about to show up at the Germany Formnext. Please wait for more!