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K 2022 Closing successfully. eSUN biodegradable modified materials are very popular!


On October 26th, K 2022 was successfully concluded. Under the background that the plastic industry is undergoing the transition to a circular economy, K 2022 has attracted enterprises, institutions and relevant industry practitioners from all over the world to gather in Germany to discuss the challenges and problems faced by the plastic industry, seek development opportunities and promote sustainable economic development.



At the exhibition, eSUN showed the biodegradable raw materials, modified materials and their applications with excellent performance to the European and global plastic industries, and the comprehensive green environmental protection solutions were very popular.


K 2022 | eSUN Booth Display:


Among them, biodegradable modified materials, coated paper and other products are the most popular.


eSUN biodegradable modified materials include film blowing materials, injection plastics, coating materials, sheet materials, straw materials and 3D printing materials, which can be widely used in various industries and fields such as packaging, daily chemical products, fiber textiles, electronic products, household products, medical, agriculture, 3D printing, etc.


eSUN biodegradable coated paper has excellent stiffness performance, which is healthy, environment-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable, and can directly contact with food; Waterproof, oil proof, heat insulation, mildew proof, antibacterial and breathable; It can be printed and compounded with other environment-friendly materials to enable it to have other additional functions.


With the continuous promotion of global plastic ban and restriction, the extensive use of paper packaging in the future will further expand the application scenario of coated paper.


Coated paper application video:


Interesting application case of eSUN coated paper: NFC electronic business card made of coated paper can be used to make product packaging and personal business card.


The exhibition focuses on three themes: "circular economy, digitalization and climate protection". This time, eSUN went to Germany to show the industrialization technology and recovery technology of eSUN polylactic acid (PLA) to the global plastic industry. The company can obtain lactide through the recovery of PLA and then use it to produce a variety of "double high" lactic acid esters, effectively realizing the recycling and efficient utilization of resources.


In June 2022, eSUN recovered polylactic acid to prepare lactide and its application technology was identified by academicians and experts organized by China National Light Industry Council, reaching the international leading level.



The epidemic has blocked the offline communication of people around the world. The holding of K 2022 provides a rare opportunity for offline communication of rubber and plastic industry users. Through the 8-day exhibition, we not only learned more about the development trend and latest trends of the industry, but also made many new friends and gained valuable friendship.


The pursuit of low-carbon and environmental protection is an inevitable choice for the sustainable development of the global economy. As an important part, biological materials will play an important role in reducing carbon emissions and plastic pollution.


In the future, eSUN will continue to focus on the synthesis, modification, application and recycling of environment-friendly materials, and is committed to providing high-quality and efficient solutions for upstream and downstream users of the industry.


Next stop, FORMNEXT!

Next stop, we are going to Frankfurt FORMNEXT to show you eSUN 3D printing materials and industrial solutions. Please look forward to it!