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The 2022 Germany K Fair is about to open! We will see you at eSUN booth!


After three years, the 2022 International Plastics and Rubber Exhibition (K2022) will be held in Dusseldorf, Germany from October 19th to 26th. Held every three years, the K fair, as the world's leading trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry, has historically been one of the most important events for the global plastics industry.


eSUN is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of various environmentally friendly biomaterials and their application products. In this exhibition, eSUN will bring high-quality biodegradable materials to provide a series of solutions for users in the global plastics industry. Please stay tuned!



Biodegradable Materials and Modified Materials



eSUN is one of the earliest companies involved in the biodegradable material industry in China, and has rich and mature experience in the synthesis, modification, application and recycling of biodegradable materials. The company can provide a variety of biodegradable materials according to user needs, such as blown film materials, laminating materials, plastic injection materials, straw materials, sheet materials, 3D printing materials, etc.


Product Applications


Environmentally Friendly Packaging


Graph |Biodegradable Coating Products


Graph |Biodegradable Film Blowing Materials


Graph |Biodegradable Injection Molded Products


With the promotion and implementation of global plastic ban and restriction policies and laws, the application scope of degradable and environmentally friendly materials in the packaging industry is rapidly expanding. eSUN biodegradable coated paper, blown film material, plastic injection, etc. have many applications in the packaging direction.


Taking coated paper as an example, eSUN biodegradable coated paper has excellent stiffness performance, healthy, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and degradable. It can be in direct contact with food; waterproof, oil-proof, heat-insulating, mildew-proof, antibacterial, breathable; It also can be compounded with other environmentally friendly materials to make it have other additional functions. eSUN PLA coated paper can not only be used to make paper cups and bowls, but also meet the packaging and paper usage needs of products in various fields such as daily chemicals, electronic products, medical, agriculture, and agriculture.


Here is an interesting application case of eSUN coated paper:


As the video above, ICard is an NFC electronic business card made of eSUN coated paper, which can be used to make product packaging and personal business cards.


Ecological Fiber Application


Graph | Degradable PLA short-staple and its’ application


Graph | Degradable PLA three-dimensional crimp fiber and its’ application


In the backgrounds of the national carbon emissions peak strategy, green sustainability has become an important direction of high-quality development of the textile industry in the new era.


eSUN is based on the synthesis and modification of biological materials, and has a relatively mature application demonstration in the ecological textile field. For example, PLA fiber can be made into PLA staple, PLA filament yarn, PLA non-woven fabric, PLA floc and PLA fabric, and can be widely used in clothing, household, textiles, medical supplies and other fields.


3D Printing Application



Making green as the background color of 3D printing is the goal that eSUN has been working hard to achieve. By applying environment-friendly materials such as PLA and PCL to the 3D printing industry, eSUN has successfully promoted the updating and upgrading of this industry, and optimized the user’s experience, and widened the application of 3D printing technology.


At present, as a world-famous 3D printing material manufacturer, eSUN has a variety of high-quality materials with excellent performance and different appearance, which can be used in various industries and fields. eSUN products enjoy a great popularity among users in the 3D printing industry.



Recycling of Polylactic Acid



At present, eSUN has mastered the industrialization technology and recovery technology of polylactic acid (PLA). The company can obtain lactide through the recovery of PLA and then use it to produce a variety of "double high" lactic acid esters, which effectively realizes the recycling and efficient utilization of resources.


The chemical recovery technology of polylactic acid has solved the problem of polylactic acid waste recycling, which makes up for the shortcoming that the polylactic acid industry has always emphasized degradation but ignored recycling, and improves the characteristics of the polylactic acid industry, which is bio-based, easy to recover, and degradable, contributing to building a "green cycle" economy, and promoting the realization of global carbon reduction goals and sustainable development.


The development and innovation of plastics and rubber industry is particularly important under the background that climate and environmental protection, circular economy and other topics continue to receive strong attention. K 2022 will discuss topics such as circular economy, digitalization and climate protection, and focus on how to shape the future with plastics, research and develop new technologies and use new materials.


eSUN expects to discuss more efficient and environment-friendly solutions with upstream and downstream users of the industry.


See you in Germany from October 19th to 26th!