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eSUN PLA fiber comforter: A comforter that can be completely chemically recycled


Under the background of the national carbon peaking strategy, green sustainability has become an important direction for the high-quality development of the textile industry.


Based on the synthesis and modification of biological materials, eSUN has achieved mature application demonstrations in the field of ecological textiles. For example, PLA fibers can be made into PLA short filaments, PLA filaments, PLA non-woven fabrics, PLA flakes and PLA fabrics, etc., and can be widely used in clothing, household, textiles, medical supplies and other fields.


eSUN officially launched the corn fiber healthy comforter recently, a comforter that can be completely chemically recycled.


Polylactic acid (PLA) mainly uses renewable plant resources (such as corn, cassava, etc.) to produce lactic acid through sugar production and fermentation, and polymerizes into polylactic acid. The fiber is produced from polylactic acid. Various products made of this fiber can be completely degraded into water and carbon dioxide after being discarded, and participate in the photosynthesis of plants again. Therefore, it is an internationally recognized low-carbon material and a fiber with great development prospects in the 21st century.


In terms of other performances, the moisture regain of corn fiber is only one-thirtieth of cotton and silk, and the PH is weakly acidic, which is more natural and skin-friendly, fluffy and warm, and can provide with a more comfortable sleeping experience.


Environmental protection and biodegradability are the features and benefits of this corn fiber comforter. However, from the point of resource reuse, does degradation mean waste to some extent? Can we create new value through recycling?


I. eSUN chemical recycling and industrialization research results: Patents


1. As early as 2006, eSUN started the research on polylactic acid recycling and reuse. In 2012, eSUN officially submitted a patent application for "a method of recycling polylactic acid to prepare refined-grade lactide", which was successfully authorized in 2014. eSUN can obtain lactide by recycling polylactic acid and using it to produce various "double-high" lactate. The eSUN PLA chemical recycling technology is pioneered in the world. This technology solves the world’s problem of recycling and reusing bio-based degradable materials and forms a "green circular" economy.




II. eSUN PLA Recycling Demonstration Project - Corn Fiber Healthy Comforter




Corn fiber healthy quilt is an excellent application in the field of ecological textiles, and it is also an eSUN polylactic acid recycling demonstration project. The proposal and application of this concept have a breakthrough and innovative significance for the ecological textile industry.


Bio-based chemical fibers are made from biomass as raw materials or polymers containing biomass-derived monomers. The products are naturally antibacterial, ecological environmental protective, skin-friendly, and biodegradable. Under the national dual-carbon plan, the biomaterials can provide a strong guarantee and support for the sustainable development of the textile industry, and can also reduce the microplastic pollution caused by fibers.


Besides, the chemical recycling and reuse of comforter are also the first in the industry. By recycling waste comforter, it is possible to achieve "high-value transformation" of "low-value resources", create higher economic and environmental benefits, and form a green and efficient development loop of the industrial chain.


III. Online speech invitation--"Application and Recycling of Polylactic Acid"


On January 19, 2022, Dr. Yang Yihu, the Chairman of Shenzhen Esun Industrial Co., Ltd, gave a speech on the topic of "Application and Recycling of Polylactic Acid" at the Sustainable Bioplastics Asia Forum at 3:00 p.m. Whoever interested are welcome to watch and pay through the official channel~

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