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Meet us at 2016 CIEOE in Beijing


As education is the first priority of a nation, China’s teaching industry has been developed comprehensively. We have witnessed the great efforts made by Chinese government. They use their courage, confidence and wisdom to promote the education industry to a higher level. 
This year, the ninth China International Education Equipment & IT Solutions Exhibition will be held in the International Exhibition Centre (CIEC) of Beijing on Nov. 23-25. 
By showing new products, new technology and spreading new concept, 

the event will try to reach the highest level of educational equipment industry exhibition.

We sincerely invite you to come. 

3D printing technology is one of the most popular emerging technologies in the world, and it’s now at the center of concern in education industry. 
The course of it plays a very significant role in improving innovation and practical ability of teenagers.
eSUN’s subsidiary company isun3d will bring you their latest isun3d 2.0 printing pen specially designed for education industry, education-specific 3d printer 3Dwox to show you the
perfect combination of 3D Printing technology and educational equipment.
isun3d eductaion-specific 3d printer 3Dwox 
isun3d LTP 2.0 3D Printing Pen
Besides, we will prepare the most magical manual material eMorph on site for you.
eMorph is a safe and nontoxic shaping products, it is made of a lightweight polyester low-temperature thermoplastic material. When heated to 80 degree, you could shape it like clay as you wish, but it will become as hard as plastic after cooling.
3D printing pen drawing will be the best choice for family activities and manual class. 

You can reshape the filament after picturing and invite kids to play with you together. You will find it so easy to become a creative talent!


Welcome to our No. 1D18 booth! isun3d invite you to experience our product.
Exhibition Information
Exhibition Name:2016 China International Education Equipment & IT Solutions Exhibition
Time: 2016.11.23-25
Location: International Exhibition Centre (CIEC) of Beijing
Booth No.:1D18