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iSUN3D build an exclusive cooperation relationship with Pedcad Foot Technology in Germany



Recently,iSUN3D has built a cooperation relationship with Germany company pedcad foot technology GmbH by signing an exclusive agency agreement. The agreement confers that pedcad becomes the exclusive distributor of iSUN3D-FLX2(3D insoles printer) in Germany . Both parties will have a deep cooperation gradually based on this agreement,share mutual technology advantages,and work together to provide better orthopedic insoles solutions.



Pedcad Foot Technology GmbH was founded by Dietmar Walter-Germany orthopedist in 1995.


After founding Orthopedie Walter -the  foot specialist in Oberkochen, Germany - and years of work in his own orthopedic shoe workshop, Master Orthopedic Shoemaker Dietmar Walter became aware that conventional insole production by means of blueprints, or by making a positive from a plaster cast, was not sustainable for the future.


The information gain is small, and the work is time-consuming. It must be possible to provide every customer with individual insoles and still run a profitable and effective orthopedic shoe making operation.


Taking all this and a determination to utilize latest technology into consideration, the idea to digitalize insole production was born. This way, individual insoles can be produced economically in a short time that can also be reproduced at any time at minimal expense. When it was founded, pedcad pioneered digital insole production, and today it belongs among the leading suppliers.


In all the years since then,they have never lost touch with the craft.Thanks to daily cooperation and the give-and -take with Orthopedie Walter,they know the challenges and problemd of the orthopedic shoe craft. 


Their new products are not just designed on a drawing board and tested for technical functionality.In adjacent craft shop,they are subjected to many months of field testing in realistic every day situations and conditions. 


New products are not just designed on a drawing board and tested for technical functionality.In adjacent craft shop, they are subjected to many months of field testing in realistic every day situations and conditions. 


 That is why Orthopedie Walter is more than just the place where they field test machines and software,they are equal partners working eye-to-eye,complementing each other to achieve the optimum results for both. 


Quite in keeping with our unchanging principle: “Honoring craftsmanship and applying progress”

Founder Dietmar Walter

CEO  Angelina Walter

Project manager  Dominik Walter





In 1995, Pedcad received Innovation Award of the German Industry by developing a CAD/CAM system for designing and producing orthotics .


In 2000, CEO of pedcad , Dietmar Walter, received Professor-Adalbert-Seifriz Award together with the Institute for Laser Technology in Medicine and Measurement Technology in Ulm. They integrated light stripe projection as an optical measuring technique into the orthopedic shoe making craft. 


In 2014, Pedcad received DEKRA Certification(ISO 9001:2008 certificate) relied on delicacy management.


Innovation Award of the German Industry 






Pedcad currently has a mature digital customized insole production solutions,which includes foot scanning-analysis software-design, software-CNC milling.Their analysis and design software can be perfectly combined with iSUN3D printing custom insole system. 


 By means of 3d new producing craft,more diversified professional custom insoles can be produced under quieter and more environmentally friendly conditions. 


With pedcad insole-designer 3.2,customers can utilize almost all measurement results at the same time for the modeling of the insoles. By superimposing the various measuring data, customers can receive a maximum on informational value to create the perfect insole.



Pedcad analysis software 



Pedcad design software


At the same time, Pedcad also launched its exclusive brand Valinos, which is dedicated to personalized custom sandals and slippers. 


Customers can choose from a variety of combinations to obtain unique shoes that fully meet their wishes and needs. Valinos is suitable for everyone who likes special things and provides them with unparalleled comfort. iSUN3D will also provide Valions with a more personalized 3D printing solution in the future.




Among this cooperation,iSUN3D provide the latest 3D printing customized insoles solutions,which has received unanimously recognized after Pedcad’s long inspection in the early stage. 


Now,Pedcad decided to exclusively distribute iSUN3D-FLX2 insole printers and related technical solutions in Germany. 


This is a recognition of iSUN3D by German customers. We will uphold the spirit of craftsmanship, continue to improve technology,R&D and launch better 3D printing rehabilitation products & medical solutions, and strive to build the first brand of 3D printing foot and spine health in China.