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eSUN, SOLVAY, LUVOCOM and other partners invite you to 2021 Shanghai TCT Asia!


About TCT Asia

TCT originated in the UK. It was first held in Shanghai,China,in 2015. By 2020,TCT Asia has become the largest 3D printing technology exhibition in Asia, with an exhibition area of more than 20000 square meters and more than 300 exhibitors. Exhibitors provide end-end solutions ranging from 3D scanning,engineering software, additive manufacturing equipment,and post-processing.


2021, eSUN together with SOLVAY, LUVOCOM and other partners, will display high performance industrial 3D printing materials for various fields, such as aerospace, automobile, etc. Welcome to visit and communicate with us in TCT Asia.


Booth number: D48


At our booth, we have a special SOLVAY & LUVOCOM filament and print display area, as shown in the image below:







Since this year, eSUN has officially represented SOLVAY’s range of high quality polymers for 3D printing. With these innovative materials,users can rapidly produce complex lightweight components for part modeling and metal replacement applications.There are four types of SOLVAY filaments on display at eSUN’s booth,as shown below:



1. Ketaspire® MS NT1 AM filament - PEEK

Ketaspire® MS NT1 AM filament is one of the most chemically resistant plastics in the industry. It has excellent resistance to organic substances,acids and bases, excellent strength and first-class fatigue resistance. It also has low coefficient of thermal expansion( CLTE ) , high PV limit value and excellent dimensional stability. Its continuous service temperature is up to 240 °C, which can provide long-term excellent performance,including excellent chemical resistance, excellent abrasion resistance. These characteristics make it particularly suitable for use as a substitute for metals in harsh terminal environments. 



2. KetaSpire® CF10 LS1 AM filament - PEEK-CF10

KetaSpire® CF10 LS1 AM filament was added with 10% carbon fiber reinforced material in PEEK matrix to increase its strength. This material provides excellent long-term performance, at 240 °C. These characteristics make it particularly suitable for use as a substitute for metals in harsh end-use environments, such as oil and gas, aerospace , and automobiles. 



3. Radel® MS NT1 AM filament - PPSU

Radel® MS NT1 AM filament provides the highest performance in sulfone polymers. The impact strength and chemical resisitance are better than PSU or PEI. Its thermal deformation temperature up to 207 °C. It has high toughness, high impact strength, excellent flame retardancy and long-term hydrolysis stability. After more than 1000 cycles of steam sterilization, there is no obvious loss of its performance.



4. Solef® PVDF MSC NT 1 AM filament - PVDF

The mechanical performance of MSC NT 1 are the best among all the fluoropolymer, and the inherent stability of the fluoropolymer is maintained even under harsh conditions. It provides long-term excellent performance at 120 °C, including excellent chemical resistance, excellent UV resistance, excellent weather resistance and oxidation resistance. The product has excellent resistance to small molecule penetration, excellent waether resistance and good resistance to neutral chemicals at temperatures up to 150 °C.




Esun & LUVOCOM | Key products display

eSUN 雷孚斯_画板 1(1)

1. ePAHT-CF ( Carbon fiber reinforced nylon )


 ePAHT-CF ( carbon Fiber reinforced nylon ) is a PA6-based material developed by eSUN in partnership with LUVOCOM. It adds 15% high rigidity carbon fiber, with high strength and high rigidity. Its mechanical and thermal performance are higher than those of other easily produced nylon series; it can be used as a substitute for metal in many occasions, the temperature of continuous use can reach 150 °C, the short-term use temperature can reach 180 °C, the surface resistance is less than 10Ω, it also can be used as conductive, anti-static materials; it has a low shrinkage, so it is not easy to print warping and cracking, and the printing surface matte fine.


2.ePA12-CF ( Carbon fiber reinforced nylon 12 )


A PA12-based material developed by eSUN in partnership with LUVOCOM, with 15% carbon fiber added, greatly enhances the strength, rigidity and toughness of nylon, which can be used as a substitute for metals in many applications; it has low water absorption, the dimensions of the printed parts are less affected by humidity and temperature.Its self-lubricating and wear-resisting properties make it suitable for printing gears; it also has high temperature-resisting performance, the continuous service temperature of the parts can reach 120 °C, the short-term service temperature can reach 160 °C; its surface resistance is less than 10Ω, which can be used as conductive, anti-static materials; low shrinkage, printing is not easy warping and cracking, printing surface matte fine. It has a low shrinkage, so it is not easy to print warping and cracking, and the printing surface matte fine.


3.ePAHT-GK ( Nylon glass beads )


ePAHT-GK (Nylon Glass Bead) is a new material of eSUN and LUVOCOM. Compared with ePAHT-GK and PA66, the size and electrical properties of ePAHT-GK are less affected by humidity and temperature. The surface of the printed thing is Matte and fine, and the performance of PA6 is improved by adding 10% hollow glass bead. Electrical insulation, bar electrode insulation resistance, surface resistance greater than 1012 Ω. It is lightweight, its density is 1.01 g/cm3. It has high strength, high rigidity ,and it also has impact resistance, self-lubricating wear resistance, excellent chemical resistance and high temperature resistance. The temperature of continuous use can reach 120 °C, short-term use can reach 160 °C. Compared with pure nylon, the shrinkage and water absorption are greatly reduced, and the printed model has high dimensional stability, good mechanical performance, good interlayer bonding, excellent printability, low distortion and no warpage, no cavity heating and no heating platform is needed.




The above engineering materials are helpful to broaden the application fields of 3D printing technology and are of great significance to the development of 3D printing industry. In addition, at the booth of eSUN in TCT Asia , we can also see other general, engineering, functional materials “show” with different characteristics ! Surprises are everywhere!


In this perfect stage of shwing the world's 3D printing materials, technology and applications, we will all experience the new technology to bring creative innovation and fun to life! Let's look forward to May 26-28, TCT Asia! Follow-up, eSUN will continue to reveal the many bright spots for you, please pay attention to us!



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