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eSUN New 3D printing filaments environmental protection solutions helping a low-carbon life!


Plastic products have brought many conveniences to mankind, but due to their non-degradability, they have also produced serious plastic pollution, which has caused tremendous pressure on the environment.


Since 2020, there has been an upsurge in environmental protection around the world, requiring and encouraging organizations and individuals to gradually replace non-degradable plastic products with environmentally friendly materials to reduce carbon emissions and reduce environmental pressure.


As a well-known brand of biomaterials and a global leading brand of 3D printing filaments, eSUN is obliged to do so.


As the development momentum of the 3D printing industry accelerates, the consumption of 3D printing filaments is increasing day by day. After the traditional filament is used, a large number of vacant plastic spools will be produced, which are non-degradable and have low reusability, and occupy the user's storage space.



Based on this, eSUN puts forward the concept of "Refilament + eSpool", replacing the traditional filament and spool with reusable eSpool to use with eSUN Refilament. Once launched, it has been widely recognized and affirmed by fans at home and abroad.



eSUN Refilament


eSUN Refilament


eSUN Refilament

eSUN Refilament


Features of eSUN Refilament:


Environmental protection and non-toxic: PLA is a biological material, extracted from corn grains, has no irritating taste, is harmless to the human body, renewable, and is biodegradable without polluting the environment, making it more environmentally friendly.


Stable quality: good tensile strength, high toughness, low shrinkage, good stability, no curving or warping during printing; high precision, stable filament diameter.


The design based on environmental protection concept reduces the waste of spools, and can also save freight and storage space to a certain extent. On the basis of the original product performance, filaments has tidy winding and no tangling.


At present, eSUN Refilaments are including PLA/PLA+/PETG.








Esun eSpool is a reusable and detachable spool specially designed for Refilaments, which is more environmentally friendly and more cost-effective.


Features of eSpool:

1. Detachable and recyclable: The product is detachable, adaptable to eSUN PLA+ and PETG Refilaments, and can be reused, avoiding the disposal of empty spools.


eSUN Refilament


2. Real-time monitoring of the remaining amount of filaments: The product is made of PC transparent material, which helps to monitor the remaining amount of  filaments in real time to ensure smooth printing of 3D models.


3.Good drying effect with eBox 

The hollow structure design is conducive to large-area heat dissipation and drying. Works better with PLA+ and PETG Refilaments.


4. The packaging bag is environmentally friendly and biodegradable

The packaging bag is made of biodegradable and environmentally friendly PBAT and PLA biological materials, which meet the EU export standards.


eSUN Refilament


The launch of eSpool can effectively reduce the use of plastic and the pollution to the environment. The production of a traditional spool will produce 0.157kg of carbon emissions and power consumption of 0.2 kWh. By reducing the production of spool every year, approximately 11,304,000 kg of carbon emissions can be reduced and 14,400,000 kWh of electricity can be saved. It is of great significance to environmental protection and is another major breakthrough in the 3D printing industry.


Prohibition of plastics and environmental protection requires everyone to work together. For our common living environment, we are all responsible.


eSUN 3D printing filaments environmental protection solution-"Refilament + eSpool", can effectively reduce the production and use of traditional spools in the industry, in line with the current " "Green Living" concept.


Coinciding with the Arbor Day, eSUN Refilaments, eSpool, and other environmentally friendly materials (eResin-PLA, eResin-PLA Pro) are all good choices to help reducing carbon for the earth!