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eSUN biodegradable products series for milk tea are fully online, our happiness is back!


Entering 2021 means that we have officially entered the third decade of this century. At the same time, this will also be another new journey for eSUN to innovate and strive for progress.



New start, new journey


With the further promotion of bans and restrictions on plastics at home and abroad, the impact on all walks of life is also increasing. Take the domestic catering industry as an example. According to the "Notice on Solid Promotion of Plastic Pollution Control" issued by the state, disposable plastic straws, plastic bags, and plastic tableware will be banned one after another. As a result, at the beginning of the year, it also triggered heated discussions in the industry. The paper straws were in short supply and "hot searched" at the same time, which affected the experience of many milk tea and coffee lovers.


From the perspective of healthy and sustainable development, it is an inevitable trend to replace non-degradable plastics with biodegradable materials.


Since choosing the biomaterials industry in 2002, eSUN has always insisted on in-depth research and development, and continuously optimized product performance to better meet market needs. After dormant for many years, it finally ushered in the best period of development. Based on the current consumer demand for the milk tea industry, eSUN also officially launched a full set of milk tea series biodegradable products-biodegradable coated paper cups, thin-walled injection cups (lids), plastic straws, plastic spoons, plastic bags, etc.


01 Biodegradable coated paper cup

Biodegradable coated paper cup 

eSUN Biodegradable Coated Paper Cup has five characteristics:

1.Material environmental protection:

Polylactic acid (PLA) coated paper replaces polyethylene (PE) coated paper. PLA is a biodegradable material, which is made by fermentation of agricultural crops such as corn. The production process of PLA is pollution-free, biodegradable and recyclable in nature, making it an ideal green polymer material. It is in line with the global and national environmental policy of plastic restriction and ban.


2.Material safety:

Polylactic acid has good safety performance. Polyethylene (PE) coated paper may be oxidized to carbonyl compounds during the process of melting or applying it to the cup paper, and the cup may emit peculiar smell when poured into hot water. Polylactic acid coated paper has no peculiar smell, and has certain antibacterial and anti-ultraviolet properties.


3.Material resistance to high and low temperatures:

Polylactic acid (PLA) coated paper has good resistance to high and low temperatures, and will not leak or deform when made into cold and hot liquid containers. It has good strength and heat-sealability, and meets the requirements of coated paper cups.


4.Uniform coating layer:

The polylactic acid coating layer is uniform, flat and smooth, and has a good feel. It has excellent quality such as increased adhesion and gloss.


5.Water and oil resistance:

Polylactic acid coated paper has the characteristics of traditional polyethylene (PE) coated paper to block water and oil.



eSUN provides PLA coated paper and paper cup products of various sizes, and accepts customization. Welcome to consult.



02 Thin-walled injection cup (lid)

Thin-walled injection cup (lid) 

Although the milk tea cup and the lid are used together, they are actually made of different production materials and production processes. The biodegradable injection molding material used as the raw material for the production of eSUN thin-walled injection cup (lid) has the following characteristics:


1. Non-petroleum-based biological materials, low-carbon and environmentally friendly, renewable resources, saving petroleum resources;

2. Good mechanical properties, high rigidity and impact resistance;

3. Good processing performance, wide process range, easy to shape, constant nozzle, quick cooling and shaping, easy to demould;

4. Good surface gloss;

5. The product has low shrinkage and good dimensional stability;

6. It can withstand a variety of solvents and is easy to color and print.


Compared with traditional plastic cup lids, eSUN thin-walled injection cups (lids) not only have good surface gloss, but also can achieve biodegradation, meeting the current market environmental protection and plastic ban requirements.


03 Biodegradable plastic straws

 Biodegradable plastic straws 


In the milk tea industry, after nearly two months of practical testing, it has been proved that paper straws are definitely not the first choice for consumers, and plastic straws can provide a better user experience. Everyone has a high voice for using plastic straws.


eSUN not only can independently produce the raw materials of PLA straws, but also has a mature production process of biodegradable straws. The PLA straws produced have many advantages and characteristics. The heat-resistant temperature can reach 80°, and it can be used for hot and cold beverages.



1、100% PLA biodegradable material derived from corn.

2、In line with European EN1343, American ASTMD6400 standard.

3、Safe, healthy, food grade, used for drink hot or cold.

4、Environment-friendly, 100% completely biodegradable under the situation of compost.


04 Biodegradable plastic spoon

Biodegradable plastic spoon 

The biodegradable plastic spoon produced by eSUN uses an injection molding process. Based on the superior performance characteristics of its raw material-polylactic acid (PLA), it not only has biodegradability, meets the current market environmental protection and plastic ban requirements, but also meets the requirements of food contact, and the surface of the product has good gloss. It can replace traditional disposable plastic spoons.


"KFC wooden spoons has a strange smell when drinking porridge", "McDonald's ice cream caused a lot of complain because of the replacement of straw spoons". These true feedbacks from consumers all confirmed the convenience of plastic products and can provide users with better user experience, especially in the catering industry. The trend of banning and restricting plastics is irreversible. It is the choice to maximize the benefits to choose the more popular biodegradable plastic products in time to follow the trend.



05 Biodegradable plastic bags

Biodegradable plastic bags 

The fully biodegradable blown film material independently produced by eSUN can be made into films and plastic bags with different properties through the blown film process, which can be used for various types of packaging, such as fresh goods, express packaging, etc. With the development of the ban on plastics, the scope of use of degradable plastic bags will be further expanded.


eSUN can customize various styles of plastic bags for milk tea with transparency, softness, etc. according to customer requirements. In addition to being biodegradable, the plastic bags are also soft and easy to store with good air permeability and good printing performance.


Choosing products that are more popular with consumers and providing better services can win more users' choices. In this iterative "battle" of plastic products, whether or not they can gain a dominant position in the changing market environment, in the final analysis, is the business's own choice.


eSUN will bring a full set of high-quality biodegradable products, always waiting for your consultation!


Research on the modification and processing of biodegradable materials, and provide one-step technical service programs such as equipment, raw materials and proessing technology.


Please feel free to discuss with us and look forward to communicating with you.


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