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Congratulations on eSUN winning the 18th Shenzhen Top Brand!


Recently, the 18th selection of "Shenzhen Top Brand" was held. eSUN stood out from 280 participating companies and was successfully selected as the new "Shenzhen Top Brand".





▷Notification of the results of the 18th Shenzhen Top Brand Selection



▷Note: Public information can be viewed on the relevant media platform of the Shenzhen Federation of Industries



The “Shenzhen Top Brand” selection was first launched in April 2003 and has been carried out for 18 sessions so far. A total amount of 809 "Shenzhen Top Brand" were selected in the previous 17th session. According to statistical data, although these enterprises account for only 0.4‰ of enterprises in the city, their total sales account for about 48.6% of the city’s total sales, tax payments for 39.18%, and exports for 35.28%.



eSUN is a well-known brand of 3D printing materials in the world. It has dozens of 3D Printing filaments with different performance advantage, a high market share in the consumer-level 3D printing market, with good reputation, brand awareness and is widely welcomed by customers.  At the same time, eSUN has more than 50 internationallyagents and distributors, selling high-quality products to more than 100 countries and regions, enjoying a worldwide reputation.


On the other hand, eSUN, as a well-known brand that has been focused on the biomaterials industry for many years, has not forgotten social responsibility in the economic development. With the theme of green, it is committed to the industrialization of environmentally friendly materials and insists on the development principle of “Based on synthesis, focusing on modification, highlighting high value-added or low-cost application demonstrations”, through innovation-driven and market demand to stimulate coordinated development, two series of products of biological materials and green solvents have been formed. In the context of the current "ban on plastics", the research and development and promotion of eSUN related products have a significant positive effect on the market and society.


In the future, eSUN will continue to focus on product R&D and global market development, build a leading brand in the industry, and continuously enhance brand value.



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