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To meet the needs of plastic bans, eSUN provides fully biodegradable materials and products


Takeaway, an "addictive" new lifestyle, provides great convenience for the fast-paced people in the 21st century. But at the same time, a large amount of plastic packaging wastes, such as films, boxes, bags, etc., are also produced. Most of these packaging materials are difficult to biodegrade and become a major source of pollution in the natural environment.




In May 2020, in response to the National Development and Reform Commission's "Opinions on Further Strengthening the Treatment of Plastic Pollution" and other environmental protection policy requirements to support the construction of a green supply chain in the food delivery industry, the China Environmental Protection Foundation and Meituan Takeaway established the "Green Mountain Project Special Fund" to the whole country Packaging companies and research institutions within the scope recruit innovative research and development partners for paper-based take-out packaging to establish a “recommended list of paper-based take-out packaging”, aiming to build a list of paper packaging product suppliers for take-out platform catering merchants to choose, and accelerate the take-out packaging industry environmentally friendly process.


After solicitation, preliminary evaluation, and re-evaluation, the "first batch of recommended paper-based take-out packaging products" has been evaluated, including 31 companies with 46 types of biodegradable plastic take-out packaging products and 30 companies with 41 types of paper-based take-out packaging products..




Tian Jin, project director of the Meituan Takeaway's Qingshan Project, said that this release is the first batch of products of the Qingshan Project and is also a fully biodegradable packaging alternative product. These products are at the forefront of technological progress.


Among them, Shenzhen eSUN Industrial Co., Ltd. has been included in the recommended list of takeaway packaging for Qingshan Plan.


Shenzhen eSUN Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. With the theme of green, it is committed to the industrialization of environmentally friendly materials. It specializes in the research and development, production and operation of biological materials, green solvents and 3D printing technology. It is a national high-tech enterprise, an international leading brand of 3D printing materials and a well-known brand of biological materials. The company was successfully listed on the New Third Board on April 5, 2016 (stock code: 836514).



For a long time, the company attaches great importance to personnel training and technology research and development, has applied for more than 60 patents, and has obtained more than 40 authorized patents, covering the whole process of biomaterial synthesis, modification, application and recycling.


The company has a wide range of products, and pays attention to environmental protection, and is widely welcomed by the market. Among them, the best-selling products include blown film materials, injection molding materials, laminating materials, sheet materials, straw materials, transparent and opaque biodegradable films, and various styles of plastic bags, etc.


Introduction of popular products


一、Biodegradable film blowing Material

The biodegradable film blowing material is a kind of alloy material based on biological material. Films of various properties and specifications can be made by blowing film or casting process for various types of packaging.

生物降解吹膜料 产品展示


1.Product code






  1. Product properties


1)Easy to blow film, good processing performance,It is suitable for ordinary LDPE film blowing equipment.


2)100% biodegradable and compostable, according with EN13432 and ASTM 6400.


3)Compliance with food safety and hygiene standards.


4)A variety of formulations, corresponding to different characteristics and performance, can meet different needs of customers. Film stiffness, transparency can be adjusted according to requirements.


5)The film made by this materials with good air permeability, good printing performance . The heat seal strength can reach more than 10 MPA.


二、Biodegradable transparent film


  1. Product introduction

The transparent biodegradable film with High transparency,very low haze, good gloss, can clearly show the product appearance, improve the sense of consciousness, reflect high-grade. It is nontoxic, tasteless and meets the food hygiene standard. Biodegradable and and compostable.

生物降解薄膜 产品展示


  1. Application

Therefore it widely used in color box skylight, flower packaging, flower sleeve, shoes, socks and clothing packaging, cigarettes packing, books, greeting cards and stationery cover packaging. It also can be used for the packaging of snacks, fruits, vegetables, bread, candy, perishable products (meat, cheese, cooking), etc.


三、Biodegradable non- transparent film

生物降解薄膜 产品应用(树枝嫁接)


1)Can be used for making all kinds of flat bags, handbags, self-adhesive bags, vest bags, etc. And also suitable for continuous automatic packaging production line.


2)Can be printed in a variety of colors, can be sewn. Widely used in making disposable items: disposable gloves, shower curtain, tablecloth, apron, raincoat, etc.


3)Can be used in compound packaging of food, electronic products and cosmetics. The appearance of the product after coating is the effect of mute surface, which improves the grade of packaging.

生物降解吹膜料 应用案例


四、Biodegradable plastic bag

Based on its own advantages, eSun can produce customized and printed professional environmental protection, biodegradable plastic bags, plastic handbags, plastic packaging bags, plastic packaging films, ziplock bags, express bags, etc.

生物降解吹膜料 应用案例


  1. Product properties

1)Good toughness, good quality;


2)New material, constant temperature sealing, bottom is not easy to break, good load bearing;


3)Bag is tough and durable;


4)Printing standard, environmentally friendly water-based ink, clear printing;


5)Biodegradable, accord with EN13432 and ASTM D6400.



Biodegradable Straw Material eSunBio8042H


1.Product properties

1)It is derived from plant starch such as corn and is 100% biodegradable material.


2)Comply with EU EN1343 and US ASTMD6400 standards.


3)The material is safe and healthy, and can be used in direct contact with food for hot and cold drinks.


4)The material is environmentally friendly, and the biodegradable straw can be 100% biodegradable after use, without environmental pollution.


  1. Application

The biodegradable straw material is used in the production of straws, which can be made into flat mouth, oblique mouth, straight pipe, and elbow, which has certain temperature resistance and can be used to drink hot and cold beverages.



六、Biodegradable injection grade PLA


1.Product code





2.Product properties

1)Biobased, low-carbon environment, renewable resources, non-peltroleum material which saving oil resources.


2)Good Mechanical properties, high rigidity and impact resistance.


3)Good processing performance, wide processing range, easy for molding, constant outlet, short cooling cycle, rapid mould, easy demoulding. 


4)Good surface gloss.


5)Low shrinkage, good stable dimension.


6)Resistant to a variety of solvents, easy for dying and printing.



Biodegradable injection grade PLA is mainly used for general injection molding products, which can be used in Electronic products, stationery, dinnerware, daily products, cosmetic tools, mechanical part, toys, automotive etc. such as keyboard, mouse, phone protective cover, electronic watch shell, USB-flash shell, calculator shell, instrument shell, printer shell, pen holder, pen, ink cartridges,eyebrow pencil shell, cold drink cups, toy and so on。



Introduction of eSUN qualification certificate

Based on the development trend of the industry at home and abroad, eSUN related products have actively obtained relevant qualification certifications in the industry, such as the degradation report of the National Plastics Testing Center, and the products have also passed DIN CERTCO certification, US FDA food contact certification, and EU food contact certification.


DIN CERTCO certification:



FDA certification:



EU certification:


Under the trend of plastic restriction and banning, taking into account the convenience of residents' life and the sustainable development of the economic environment, replacing ordinary materials with environmentally friendly materials will be the inevitable choice of the society, economy and the times, and Guanghua's choice will never go ahead!


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