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Ready for CES 2020 with eSUN?


CES is the world's largest consumer electronics technology exhibition and the world's largest consumer technology industry event. Held every year at the same time, it attracts many technology enthusiasts from all over the world.


By then, there will be a variety of technologies on the scene, such as artificial intelligence, robotics, autonomous driving, virtual reality and other industries. The development of smart home appliances can always shake people's minds; digital medicine and health are constantly making mind-blowing products. It is truly a gathering place for high-tech fields, a testing ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies.


From January 7 to 10, 2020, the Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Show CES 2020 will be held in the Las Vegas International Convention and Exhibition Center, to bring us exciting surprises.



Since 2015, eSUN has received invitations to participate in CES every year. It has entered the field of 3D printing in 2007 with its accumulated experience in biomaterial production. Over the years, several 3D printing products developed by eSUN with great concentration have received high praise. Participating in CES many times, from 3D printing filaments to equipment and to solutions, eSUN has been greatly appreciated.


Good innovative products need good stage to show value. For more details and innovative products of eSUN, please pay attention to the first international exhibition of 2020!


Exhibition: CES 2020

Time: January 7-10, 2019

Venue: Las Vegas International Convention Center

Booth number: 31912



3D Printing filaments


eSilk-PLA - good mechanical properties and toughness, stable printing performance, safety and environmental friendly; high transparency, low shrinkage, brighter gloss and silky texture.

PLA+ - biomaterial extracted from corn grain, naturally degradable and not harmful the environment; hard, strong and rigid; good gloss and transparency; printing process is non-toxic and tasteless, not warping or edging.

PETG - the material is odorless when printing, good shrinkage, no warping, strong hydrophobicity, high transparency and good gloss; it has outstanding toughness and high impact strength; good fluidity, broad processing range and can be recycled, which is very environmentally friendly.

eTPU-95A – with its high flexibility and high resilience, it greatly reduces the permanent deformation rate of the material; it also has moisture permeability and hydrolysis resistance, flexibility and hardness are higher than similar materials, with high transparency to make sure that the print size and shape are stable;  the material is environmentally friendly, odorless and tasteless, and the surface of the product is easy to paint!

ePA-CF  - eSUN uses nylon as the substrate to produce ePA-CF filament with carbon fiber, which is very environmentally friendly; smooth printing, high precision, good toughness and wear resistance; overcoming the problem of traditional materials that are not resistant to high temperatures.

ePC - a non-toxic and environmentally friendly material that meets the requirements of conventional FDM printing compared to conventional PC filament. It has good high toughness and transparency, high temperature resistance, high flame retardancy with flame retardant grade of UL94-V2, which can play a certain role in fire prevention.

eASA - similar in structure to ABS, with excellent mechanical and physical properties; excellent weather resistance and UV resistance due to the replacement of butadiene with double bonds during polymerization; as an antistatic material with good high temperature resistance, it’s also dust-proof.


Photopolymer Resins

eResin-PLA - the world's first bio-based resin, safe and environmentally friendly; high printing accuracy, good hardness, scratch resistance; good hydrophobicity, dry surface, not easy to absorb moisture.

Standard Resin - developed for prototypes requiring precision component parts, hardness up to 88D, very tough, good impact and strength, fast print speed, low shrinkage, and highly compatible with DLP printer with LED UV light source.

water washable resin - with the strength and performance of Standard resin, a preferred material in the process of product and product development; hardness 76D, high toughness and impact resistance; high precision, the printed model can be directly rinsed with water, no puncturing odor, safe, environmentally friendly, high surface precision, compatible with most LCD printers, is the preferred material for school and home education.

Hard-Tough Resin - belongs to urethane acrylate photopolymer resin, with high impact strength; anti-fall, more resistant to falling than the same type of products on the market; rigid resin, excellent hardness, tensile and bending mechanics, with high surface hardness, wear resistance and other advantages.

Castable Resin for Dental - developed for the dental field, with high definition, high hardness, impact resistance, and shrinkage as low as 1.88% -2.45%, is a good choice for dentists to make dental products.

Castable Resin for Jewelry - suitable for making jewelry models with high definition and smooth surface.

Dental Mold Resin - specially developed for dental mold making applications, with low viscosity formula, super hardness and minimal shrinkage, suitable for making denture base, repair model, removable dental mold , orthodontic models, etc.

Precesion Model Resin - a high-precision resin, the print details are clearly visible; hardness is 85D, high toughness, high temperature resistance, and heat distortion temperature is 64 ° C; can be widely used in the animation and jewelry industry, highly restored simulation characters and game characters , compatible with most LCD printers.

3D printing device display


iSUN3D LCD 3.0 Printer - a light-cured 3D printer uses a multi-lamp bead flat light source with uniform the light source energy; cost-effective, long service life and high printing speed.


eBOX - This is a centerless shaft rack placement product. It has sealed protection to keep away from dust; it has a special groove for drying bag, which is convenient for recycling; it can also freely set the drying heating time and heating temperature, and detect the temperature inside the box in real time; freely set the empty disk weight and debug the gram/pound double unit weighing, and detect the remaining filament weight in real time.


3D printing innovative application


3D printing innovative application solution

iSUN3D customized 3D Printing insole system - eSUN has used the years of experience in 3D printing materials and equipment to develop the iSUN3D customized 3D Printing insole system for orthopedic insole industry. The entire solution has greatly improved the efficiency, capacity, quality and cost of similar systems. It uses 3D scanner to obtain the user's foot data and then print a pair of insoles that are completely suitable for the user's foot with specially soft TPU filament and iSUN3D FLX printer to fix and maintain the foot he


3D printing services

eSUN has significant advantages in printing material research and development, quality management and a team of professional talents. It will combine its own advantages to provide the market with more professional, reliable and high-quality 3D printing services.


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