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eSUN Conference Preview



In recent years, digital medical technology, which is mainly represented by 3D printing, virtual simulation and rehabilitation machines, has changed the basic features of modern medicine in the promotion and application of clinical and rehabilitation. Among them, the in-depth integration and development of the rehabilitation medical industry with digital and intelligent technologies not only promotes the economic and social development, but also plays an important role in promoting the modernization of the national rehabilitation and pension industry and meeting the people's growing needs for a better life.



From November 1st to 2nd, the 5th International Congress on Advanced Rehabilitation Technology and Clinical Translation Research with the theme of “Smart Medical and Clinical Transformation” was held in Dabaihui Life and Health Industrial Park in Yantian District, Shenzhen. The Yantian District People's Government, Shanghai Jiaotong University, and the National Rehabilitation Aids Research Center all gathered here to join the conference.




In order to strengthen the intersection and cooperation of rehabilitation medicine and rehabilitation engineering in the frontier fields of digital medicine, artificial intelligence, medical equipment, rehabilitation machines, quantum computers, biological 3D printing, etc., the conference invited many people from home and abroad to gather in Shenzhen to display the transformational medical results between cutting-edge rehabilitation medicine and digital intelligent technology.



Medical interaction, standard leading, focused on transformation, and promote innovation, the conference strives to build an international rehabilitation medicine "production, study and research" industrial transformation platform, and through the collision of the ecological chain of medical ecological industry, sharing the most advanced and cutting-edge technology at home and abroad, guide and motivate more outstanding young science and technology talents to innovate and promote the development of the rehabilitation industry.




Shenzhen eSUN Industrial Co., Ltd. (“eSUN”) was invited to participate in the meeting. Mr. Zhu, the head of the 3D Medical Division of the subsidiary, will share a speech with the topic “Application of Cloud-based Smart 3D Printing in the Field of Sports Rehabilitation”.




Under the conference, eSUN booth will also bring the latest green medical solutions. These include the latest iSUN3D flat foot insoles, iSUN3D sports protection insole, 3D printed custom insole, and the domestic first iSUN3D customized 3D Printing insole system, which has fully applied 3D printing technology to the rehabilitation field to help patients with foot disease for pain relief.





Briefly speaking, the iSUN3D customized 3D Printing insole system has greatly improved efficiency, productivity, quality, cost and other issues of similar systems. Use 3D scanning to obtain the user's foot data, with the special soft performance TPU filament and iSUN3D FLX printer, you can print a pair of insoles that fit the user's foot in 30-60 minutes to fix and maintain the foot health.







With the growing momentum of 3D printed insoles, there will be more and more professional 3D printed insoles service >iSUN3D customized 3D Printing insole system was unveiled, many customers are attracted and was curious to know how to join the project.




There are two main ways to join:


1. the whole insole system

After obtaining the agency, you can operate your own business. Target customers are in hospitals, rehabilitation centers and other channels with professional diagnostic and design capabilities.


2. join as a scanner shop

1) You can get a series of services including one speedy foot scanner, one scanning software, scanning operation training, brand usage rights, brand promotion poster, brand decoration specification guidance, display samples, market development training and so on.

2) According to the agency system, it is more suitable for channels that have no design ability, such as medical examination center. Our team will can go to the scanner shop to take the data to help to complete the sales of insoles, and the threshold is low and the risk is small.





From the perspective of revenue, this project can be said that the capital turnover rate is very fast and the profit space is huge. If you want to join us, please check the following conditions:


  • Agents or franchisees designated professionals should have a certain understanding of orthopedic insoles;
  • Agents or franchisees appreciate the development vision of iSUN3D customized 3D Printing medical insoles;
  • Agents or franchisees need to match potential customer resources with iSUN3D customized 3D Printing medical insoles;
  • Agents or franchisees have certain professionals to develop and manage 3D printed insoles service;
  • Agents or franchisees need to agree with the development vision of iSUN3D customized 3D Printing medical insoles;
  • Agents or franchisees have certain financial strength;
  • Agents or franchisees are willing to jointly develop and be responsible for the market with eSUN.




Seeing is believing! Please follow eSUN to the 5th International Congress on Advanced Rehabilitation Technology and Clinical Translation Research at booth A2 to learn more!




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