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eSUN brings hot products to shine at TCT SHOW 2019


From September 24th to 26th, 2019 TCT SHOW was successfully held in Birmingham, UK.



This is the birthplace of the TCT brand. This time, there are more than 30 keynote speeches covering the applications of aerospace, transportation, medical, jewelry, design and innovation. More than 300 exhibitors have been invited on site, with more than 10,000 visitors around the world. Combined with various advanced 3D printing products and technical applications in various fields, TCT SHOW is a representative exhibition of innovation.

From small batches to industrial models, from individual design to integrated manufacturing, the fascination of 3D printing has emerged. Let's take a look at some of the hottest 3D printing products on the spot with eSUN.


Various types of 3D prints

The vividness of small objects is a real test of the 3D printer technology. The following prints show the amazing gradient colors of filaments and excellent resin printing details.

3D printing technology is easy to produce lifelike corpse flower, exquisite dragon and other artwork and film models.


Last year, various 3D printing tires are exhibited, and this year you could see application display of tires. The inside of the bicycle wheel is a traditional metal piece, while the outer side is a printed flexible material with a certain elasticity.


From four-wheeled cars to special-shaped trucks, 3D printing is being applied to every parts.

In addition to the above prints, let's share some other exciting moments.

Choosing the international stage of TCT is to accept professional testing from tens of thousands of viewers around the world. At the exhibition, exhibitors showed a variety of new 3D printing equipment and new technologies. In 2019, eSUN participated from TCT Japan to TCT Asia in Shanghai and then to Rapid+TCT in the United States. Now in TCT Show UK, eSUN, with a variety of 3D printing filaments and 3D printing solutions, attracted the attention of a large number of customers.

eSUN booth was very lively in three days, and the staff patiently answered questions for every exhibitor who came to consult.


With the excellent quality to brand reputation and strong R & D team, we believe that with more attention eSUN gets, there will be more professionals to understand and recognize the professional strength behind eSUN brand.

A wide range of 3D filaments prints, such as the innovative eSilk-PLA Rainbow Multicolor, eSilk-PLA, eMarble, etc., with its unique properties of the material, visitors are quite amazed by them; hot-selling products like PLA+ and PETG still occupy the forefront of cost-effective FDM filaments brand, and all consulted the most.


eSUN resin is getting more and more famous overseas! We developed for professional users, such as general-purpose eResin-PLA Bio-phototpolymer Resin, Standard Resin, LCD Water Washable Resin, LCD Precision Model Resin, and even industrial grade high-strength Rigid Resin and Hard-Tough Resin, most of which have met the performance requirements of professional-grade customers for photopolymer resin.


The most important is the iSUN3D customized 3D Printing insole system. With the special soft-performance TPU filament and iSUN3D FLX 3dprinter, you can print and maintain a healthy foot in the '30-60 minutes' by printing a pair of insoles that fit perfectly on the user's foot. The advantages of this 3D printing solution showcased the most powerful filament performance development technology and 3D printing application technology innovation of eSUN. Now it has been well received by many customers.

In addition to our own products, our partner Ultimaker also exhibited eSUN PETG and ePA-CF and the world's major 3D printing high-performance filaments which also led many customers to eSUN booth.


The above is the highlight of TCT SHOW 2019. In the future, eSUN will continue to provide systematic 3D printing application cases for more industries, and strive to provide more innovative products and quality solutions.


World Exhibition, we continue to move forward.