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Biodegradable PLA Food Packing Fresh Wrap Cling Film


Product Introduction

This product is a kind of biodegradable film, which is made of bioplastics as the main raw material, and adopt relevant technology to make it. It is completely biodegradable and meets the certification of EN13432 and ASTM D6400 standard. 


This film is made of PLA, which is non-toxic to human and environment, completely degrade into H2O and CO2 under compostable conditions for 3-6 months;

Good toughness, strong load-bearing, tight sealing, no leakage, breakpoint type, easy to tear, healthy and odorless;
With good transparence, and well clingy properties. It is a good choice to wrap fresh food like meat/fruit, vegetable etc, which can extend foods' freshness.

This plastic wrap does not melt in the microwave oven, and does not fall off due to steam expansion, which makes it easy to thaw and reheat the food.


Quick details

Material: PLA Resin

Color: Transparent

Feature: 100% Biodegradable, healthy, nontoxic, harmless, sanitary

Usage: For Fresh food/fruit/meat packaging

Minimum Quantity: 5,000 rolls

Specification: 10umX30cmX30m

Packing: Color box packing

Degradability: 3-6 months under compost conditions


Keep out of reach of children, it may create a suffocation hazard when cover nose or mouth.

Don't use in the traditional oven which would cause melting.