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3D printing grade PLA 8002D



100% bio-based, according with EN13432 and ASTM D6400. In the composting environment, it completely decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, which is  non-toxic and harmless to human body, biology and environment;

Designed according to the properties of FDM 3D printing filaments, flexible, not brittle, cost-effective;

Standard color matching, stable color, can be made into a variety of different colors according to customer requirements and ready to use;

On the basis of PLA performance, the toughness of the material is greatly improved, not easy to break, smooth printing, the printed parts are

beautiful in appearance, and there is no problem such as cracking or warping.





It is used for manufacturing 3D printing filaments, the performance is flexible and not brittle, suitable for all types of models; 

Standard color matching, stable color, no need to match colors and ready to use;

International 3D printing filaments brands have used this product for nearly ten years and won praise from global customers..


Processing and storage

Processing: Drying conditions: 85 ℃ * 8 h

 Extrusion temperature (Temp): 165-185 ° C

Store: Store at room temperature, dry, sealed





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