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eSUN use 3D printing to show innovative education in the 73rd CEEIA


The 73rd China Educational Equipment Exhibition (CEEIA) is held from December 26th to 28th at Guangzhou International Conference and Exhibition Center, China.

The CEEIA, which is held in two sessions every year, is the largest trade fair in educational industry of China.  In this session, eSUN attended as a Special booth, and took this chance to show its’brand strength and corporate culture.




The CEEIA is for the purpose of "exhibition, communication, cooperation and development".  More than 1,300 enterprises have participated in this exhibition.  At this fair, education leaders explore the innovations through technology. There are also many scholars, experts, educators and other people from all over the world, who also have gathered together to discuss the newest Education & Technology topics.  


The topics involve the Intelligent Wisdom Campus, the Future Classroom,  Intelligent Tutoring System, and AR/VR Applications, Makerspaces, the cutting-edge of technology such as 3D printing products and etc. The CEEIA’s scale in this session is the largest one in history.


To this day, China's education equipment exhibition has an increasing international influence. At the same time, it also attracted so many famous high-tech companies from all over the world to march into the education equipment industry, which has become an important window for promoting education equipment products in China.




During this Exhibition, eSUN has seized this opportunity, building a "3 d printing experience area" and "3 d printing products display area", to vividly illustrate how the 3 d printing technology combined with educational tutoring, which successfully enabled visitors to a more visualized understanding towards the functions and advantages of 3 d printing products. 3D printing inspired the imaginations of children, and enabled them with more creative ability.



iSUN3D, a subsidiary of eSUN, which is a high-tech enterprise in the field of 3D printing industry. As the pioneer of 3 d printing pen in domestic market, iSUN3D shows the latest iSUN3D LTP 4.0 in the exhibition. It has stressed that lower temperature keep dangers away! Moreover, more than 20 kinds of 3d printing consumables,  iSUN3D’s printer for educational use and etc, have displayed in CEEIA. During these three days, iSUN3D has quickly accumulated so many potential customers and provided more innovative 3D education solutions towards educational industry.






Congratulations on the success of the the 73rd CEEIA, let's look forward to the 74th CEEIA in May 2018!

To explore a better educational tutoring service, inspired children with more imagination and creativity, eSUN and iSUN3D will contribute on spreading 3D printing technology into educational fields.