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eSUN cooperates with RESA to broaden 3D printed insoles market


 In August 10th, Shenzhen Esun Industrial Co., Ltd. Signs Joint Venture with ResaWearables, Inc. to set up Shenzhen Resun Healthcare Technology Co., Ltd. This new joint venture in Shenzhen will produce 3D laser foot scanning, CAD design and 3D printing kiosks for RESA globally and sells them in China as well. It also offers custom orthotics and terminal sales for the general public.  
This joint venture will enter Chinese medical-grade footwear market

It's known that 3D insoles can effectively adjust and support your feet by customizing to match your own feet and relieve foot pain.  


After years of research, RESA team built the first 3D laser foot scanning, CAD design and 3D printing kiosks and already applied for patent. RESA has strengthened its launch in the US market later this year with 2 Major Big Box retail Chains to provide 3D custom insoles and launching in China soon after.


Except for producing equipments, Shenzhen Resun Healthcare Technology Co., Ltd will serve Chinese market with related products and technology. In this partnership, eSUN mainly provides proprietary filaments and materials used to create durable flexible, eco responsible, bio and electronic advanced insoles.


eSUN and RESA will go hand in hand to provide 3D scanning, CAD design, 3D printing system and materials for Chinese market. With dynamic capture and mapping of foot data, they can better offer gait analysis to measure the effect of insoles.


With advantage in biological materials and 3D filaments, eSUN will focus on the research of environment-friendly materials to serve 3D printed insoles market and bring new energy for medical rehabilitation system.


Exploring and innovation are the management ideas of eSUN

Every change in history and every technological progress are great innovations that benefit all walks of life. eSUN never stops exploring in technology and always hopes to provide better products for society.


Established in 2002, Shenzhen Esun Industrial Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the industrialization of environment-friendly materials. eSUN has begun the development of 3D printing materials since 2007, and successfully developed a full line of PLA, PCL, PC, ePA-CF filaments to name a few. With the advantages of stable quality, rich varieties, cost-effective and wide application, eSUN is now one of the leading 3D printing filaments brands and was listed on the “NEEQ” (National Equities Exchange and Quotations) in 2016.