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PCL polyol apply in coating

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In the paint, the polycaprolactone polyol can be used as reactive diluent and modifier in polyurethane, acrylic, polyester, epoxy and vinyl coatings. When polycaprolactone polyol is used as reactive diluent, can be used in baking-type melamine and room temperature curing isocyanate cross-linking agent coating. When as a solvent modifier in paint, in addition to reducing VOC, it also can get the necessary balance of hardness and flexibility and does not affect the film properties. 



 Highly functional liquid polyols produce flexible

   Low-viscosity polyols and pre-polymers reduce/eliminate solvent and VOCs

   Very good hydrolysis resistance compared with other polyesters

   Polyester gives excellent solvent, chemical and UV resistance

   Low Tg (-60°C) gives good low-temperature flex properties

   provides good bonding to substrates

   High-clarity, light stable coatings

   Consistent, controlled reactivity

   Stable pre-polymers