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PCL Polyol apply in PU elastomer

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Polycaprolactone polyol is by caprolactone monomer, initiators, catalysts formed by the ring-opening polymerization, with a high reactivity, low viscosity, molecular weight distribution narrowly and low acid value and low water content, the products are mainly used in polyurethane elastomers, coatings and adhesives and other fields. 

In the polyurethane elastomer, most polycaprolactone polyols obtained elastomer to improve its tear resistance, and with the polycaprolactone polyols in PU elastomers obtained good hydrolytic stability and low temperature flexibility, which are far superior than usually polyether and polyester as the raw material of the PU elastomer, its temperature resistance, mechanical properties and solvent are also superior to other polyurethane rubber. 


 have a lower density than those derived from polyadipates

 can be used with both aliphatic and aromatic isocyanates

 Outstanding resilience giving elastomers with low hysteresis properties

 All primary hydroxyl groups ensure consistent and fast reactions

 Very good low-temperature flex fatigue performance

 Low polyol viscosity for ease of processing

 Excellent cut and tear properties

 Good hydrolysis resistance

 High abrasion resistance

In addition, the lower molecular weight polycaprolactone diols and triols can be used as chain extenders in polyurethane formulations.